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Queen Griefenstien is a character from the Lucky Girl TV show.


Griefenstein is a Caucasian woman with big short white hair with a red head band. She has three yellow markings on her face, two underneath her eyes and one on her forehead.

Griefenstein wears a red shirt, black pants, knee padded boots, black pants, long handless gloves and, like some of 90s anime villains, she wears oversized metallic shoulder pads with a cap and long thin cap collar.


Griefenstein is a standard villainess with a pompous, sadistic and cold hearted persona. She can get highly aggressive when she is annoyed. Griefenstein always express her pain from off-screen when hit by explosions.

She believes that Lucky Girl's methods of good, kindness, love and expressing feelings will be her doom.

When encountered by Xingo, Lucky Girl believed that he was one of her minions, but she was disgusted by Xingo's appearance. She can be shown to have minor low-self awareness when Xingo gave her a pie with a lit dynamite stick in it.


In Xingo Nation, Griefenstein was in a battle with Lucky Girl and her Omega Lucky Scouts. Before she was nearly defeated, Xingo pops in a encounter with Lucky Girl. When Xingo was doing his cartoonish tricks on Lucky Girl, Griefenstein was amused from what she's watched, until Xingo gave her a explosive pie, she felt great pain.

After Xingo was back in the TV plus channel where Lucky Girl Show was on, Griefenstein joins with Lucky Girl and The Lucky Scouts to beat up Xingo from his crazy actions, from that Xingo retreats back to the TV with his show on. When everything is back to normal, Griefenstein and Lucky Girl went back to fighting again, with Lucky Girl beating Griefenstein and winning the fight.

Powers and Abilities

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Lucky Girl's special attacks, along with positive emotions, can deplete Griefenstein's powers.


Ben 10

Season 3


Her name is an amalgamation of Grief and Stein, possibly based from Frankenstein.


  • Her appearance shares similarities with various anime villains from the 90s: large shoulder pads with a cap, white hair, smug overconfident personality and a dark outfit.
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