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Queen Bee is a villain in Ben 10. She appeared in the episode Take 10.


Queen Bee looks like a normal bumblebee, except being really big. She is yellow with black stripes. She has two pale colored arms and wears white gloves. She only has two black legs. The bottom of her torso is black. She has two light blue colored wings. She has two black antenna and has short brown hair. She looks like she has a part of a white furry coat on her neck. Her teeth are sharp and white. She has orange eyes and red lips. She also has a black stinger.


She is selfish when it comes to getting valuable items. She gets upset when her items or plans are ruined. She likes to boss around her henchmen.


Queen Bee first appears in Take 10, where she gave orders to three of her Bug Gang to get loot from the bank, but her plans were foiled when Ben stopped her. She and the Bug Gang went to jail.

In The Bentathlon, Queen Bee was recruited by Forever Knight to fight Ben in a gladiatorial match but was defeated by Diamondhead.

In A Sticky Situation, Queen Bee attempted to rob a bank while Ben and Kevin competed with each other to see who will get to stop her.


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