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Phew! Welcome, explorers and omni-planetary travelers. Is it hot in here, or is it just a Pyronite from Heatblast's bright, planet-like star Pyros?

– Azmuth narrating Alien World short.

Pyros is the home-world of the Pyronites.


On the world of Pyros, rivers of molten lava cut through the endless fire-singed tundra. The planet is covered in active volcanoes. The intense heat makes the planet uninhabitable for most other species, such as humans.

The largest mountain on Pyros is Mount Helios, though it is also an active volcano. Dropping an Ice Egg into it will cause a chain reaction that freezes the surface of the entire planet and prevents Pyros from overheating.


The Pyronites' society involves constantly putting themselves to the test against their extreme environment. They don't just do this because it's fun, they do it to refine their pyrokinetic abilities.

They also occasionally drop Ice Eggs into Mount Helios. Aside from the beneficial effects this has on the planet, they use this as an excuse to hold a massive party.

Notable Inhabitants

Two unnamed species of fauna are also known.[1] One bears a heavy resemblance to a phoenix, and also resembles a creature Heatblast rode in a toy from the Original Series.[2] The other is a winged, quadrupedal species with a long tail. Both species appear to be made entirely of fire.



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