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Pyros is the homeworld of the Pyronites and Crabdozers.[note 1]


Sometime prior to the Original Series, Pyros entered into a war with Piscciss for unknown reasons. This may have had something to do with them being polar opposites.[pop-up 1][1]


Pyros is a wide-open landscape of endless natural wonders: Infernal plumes erupt miles into the atmosphere and raging rivers of molten lava cut massive swaths across the fire-filled tundra.[merch 1]


Even though Crabdozers are considered native to Pyros, they don't actually live there for most of their life cycle. Most of the time, they are in space, orbiting the Pyros system like asteroids. At certain times they change course to crash into Pyros. They feed for a time before riding solar flares back out into space.[DJW 1]

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"Pyros" is plural for "pyro" which means relating to fire or can be short for pyromaniac.


  • Derrick J. Wyatt speculated that Pyros was quite cold for a star, to the point where it would be stable enough to have land masses that would otherwise be vaporized on any normal star. However, it would still be too hot for most lifeforms to survive on it.[DJW 1]
    • This belief is similar to the reboot's depiction of Pyros, which is cooled down as a holiday tradition to prevent it from overheating.[2]


  1. According to a card released with Heatblast's battle version toy by Bandai, Pyros is a sun.[merch 1] However, according to Duncan Rouleau, Pyros is a planet.[DR 1]



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