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Pyronite Kevin was a Pyronite/Osmosian hybrid that Kevin Levin turned into when he absorbed Heatblast's DNA.


While his left arm and lower body remain unaltered, a diagonal border was at the chest where the Pyronite DNA took effect. His upper right chest, head, right arm and shoulder were now that of a Pyronite.


Kevin's plan was to move the tracks to have a cash train hit another train, and once they collide, he would take the money. Ben disagreed, saying that it would hurt civilians. Kevin does it anyway, not caring about what Ben has to say.

Ben then decides he has to stop him by brute force, so he changes into Heatblast. While they are fighting, Kevin manages to absorb Heatblast. Heatblast shakes him off before Kevin can fully absorb the DNA, but he had been on long enough to absorb half of it, making him a Pyronite/Osmosian hybrid.

Powers and Abilities

Pyronite Kevin retains Kevin's energy absorption powers while also gaining the abilities of a normal Pyronite, such as pyrokinesis.


Pyronite Kevin's physical weaknesses still pertain, with the added disadvantage of a Pyronite's weakness to water.

Pyronite Kevin's power is also less than that of a full Pyronite.


Ben 10

Season 1

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