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Pyronites are living thermodynamic beings that radiate enormous amounts of heat energy.

– Azmuth narrating Alien World short.

Pyronites are an extraterrestrial species of magma-based lifeforms from Pyros.


Pyronites are a humanoid magma-based species that are composed of a bright inner magma body covered by bright red rocks. As fire-based entities, their bodies radiate high amounts of heat. Their feet have a slight oval-like design with only two toes.

Their physique can change drastically between Pyronites. Some are tall and thin, others are large and wide. Their red rock also changes patterns from person to person. On most Pyronites it seems to resemble protective gear.

The Pyronite representatives wear violet fireproof cloaks. They also have cyan crystals on their collarbones and foreheads.


Due to the fact that Pyros is a planet-like star, Pyronites have had limited contact with other alien species.

With little outside contact, the Pyronites have been able to spend their whole lives perfecting their abilities.

Pyronites seek to perfect their pyrokinetic powers by trying many different extreme sports, like windsurfing and Dune Buggy racing.

During one of their games, Ekoplektoids came to Pyros unexpectedly so they can have more space, the Pyronites befriended them and allow them to stay.

Kinecelerans representatives came to Pyros to discuss with the Pyronites about the diplomacy while the young members of both races played a heated game of fire balls.

Powers and Abilities

Pyronites have the ability to generate and manipulate intense heat and fire from their bodies. They can form fire into any shape they choose, commonly fireballs. Their fire can become hot enough to melt a tank or a road and can be used to enhanced their hands for flaming punches.

Pyronites can breath fire like a dragon,[1][2] which can sometimes come in the form of flaming burps.[3]

Pyronites can channel flames through other surfaces (such as large rocks) to generate jet propulsion, allowing them to 'surf' through the air.

Since they are made of fire, Pyronites are fireproof, heat resistant, and invulnerable to magma. They are also cold resistant and ice proof thanks to the heat he produces.

Pyronites are not limited to simply creating fire; because their bodies are naturally heat convective, they are able to absorb heat, effectively allowing them to put out fires.

Pyronites have enhanced durability, being to survive being thrown through multiple buildings at high speed with no damage.

Pyronites are capable of high-speed flight by propelling themselves forward.[4] As they age, their flight becomes more natural, as they can ignite themselves into a fireball and direct heatwaves away from their bodies.[5]

Pyronites possess enhanced strength, as Heatblast was able to knock out Lord Decibel with a single punch.[6]

Pyronites can shoot calorific lasers with their hands.[7]

Despite their weakness to water, Pyronites can swim and use their powers while submerged, but with a very low intensity. Ironically, they can survive being underwater despite being a fire-based species.[8][9]

Pyronites can create a fire tornado around themselves, as demonstrated by AntiVilgax.[10]

The light and heat of the molten core stuff in a Pyronite's body are more intense than their normal fire.[11]

Pyronites can infuse their fire with other beings, such as a Petrosapien, to empower them.[5]

Pyronites can temporarily gain cartoon physiology when struck by lightning.[12]


If exposed to enough water or fire extinguishing substance, a Pyronite's fire will be extinguished, though they can still heat up and reignite their fire in short amounts of time.[8]

Pyronites can lose their fire out of exhaustion.[13]

Because of their flaming head, Pyronites cannot wear anything on their head without melting them, as shown when Heatblast was wearing sunglasses.[14]

Because of their fiery bodies, Pyronites cannot hold anything that is not fireproof without burning them.[15][16]

Pyronites are weak against magic, as demonstrated with Hot Shot.[17]

Pyronites can be easily blinded by a Lepidopterran's slime should it get all over his face, as demonstrated with Hot Shot.[17]

A Pyronite's flames can cause collateral damage if not taken seriously.

Notable Pyronites

Notable Pyronite Hybrids


The name Pyronite comes from "pyro-" relating to heat/fire, and ignite.


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