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Pyronites are an extraterrestrial species of plasma-based lifeforms from the planet-like star Pyros.


Pyronites are a humanoid plasma-based species that are composed of a bright inner plasma body covered by dark red, brown[pop-up 1][1] yellow, orange, or red rocks.[DJW 1] As fire-based entities, their bodies radiate high amounts of heat. Their feet have a slight oval like design with only two toes and one back toe.

Infant Pyronites are much smaller and thinner, and child aged Pyronites have oversized heads and higher voices.

Female Pyronites are basically the same as male Pyronites, except they have more curved figures and their chests slightly jut outward. Their arms are thinner than a male's. Their faces are longer and more curved.

Some Pyronites, such as those either from Dimension 23 or infected with an Earth cold virus, are colored blue.[DJW 1][DJW 2] Others, such as those from the Gweniverse, are colored pink.[DJW 2] Some Pyronites are even colored white.[DJW 1]

When infected with an Earth cold virus, the Pyronite's fire and lava turn blue.


Due to the fact that Pyros is a planet-like star, Pyronites have had limited contact with other alien species.

With little outside contact, the Pyronites have been able to spend their whole lives perfecting their abilities.

Powers and Abilities

Pyronites are pyrokinetic, meaning they have the ability to generate and manipulate intense heat and fire from their bodies. They can form fire into any shape that they choose. They can also enhance the fire in their hands for flaming punches,[2] and can breathe fire like a dragon.[3] To top it all off, they can even absorb heat and fire at the same time.[4][5] This means they can put out a fire faster than they can start one.

A Pyronite's fire can become hot enough to melt a tank[6] or a road, as Heatblast almost buried Vilgax in boiling tar when he was younger.[2] Several years later, Heatblast was able to bury him in the ground up to his shoulders.[7]

Pyronites can make their flames explosive, explaining why their fire tends to cause explosions on a regular basis. On that note, they can even create fire uses with the snap of their fingers.[8] They can also create sharp fire-made disks and throw them as slicing weapons, as seen when Heatblast battled a swarm of Vilgax's drones[2] and when he battled Dr. Animo's mutant hornet.[9]

Pyronites can instantly travel distances by enveloping themselves in a tornado-like swirl of smoke, and disappearing before any smoke clears, zipping through the air to a new location. The extent of this pyroportation is unknown, and has only been shown transporting them small distances.[3][8]

When 4-year-old Heatblast had a temper tantrum his firepower was greatly magnified to the point that Gwen called it "supernova-hot" and the heat was so extreme that it flash vaporized the Fountain of Youth and destroyed a large portion of the cave they were in.[10] Similarly, Pyronites can increase the temperature of their heat and fire with their speed, as seen when Heatblast vaporized S.A.M.'s water creature by racing around it until his fire was again "supernova-hot".[11]

Pyronites can create a small fire-board on which they can ride at high speeds by launching fire backwards like an engine.

Pyronites are able to teleport by producing a fiery tornado around himself, as shown when Heatblast avoided getting hit by a subway train and appeared again on top of it.[12] Similarly, they can even transport others to safety inside their tornadoes without burning them with his fire, as seen when Heatblast saved a boy and his mother from a burning building[4] and when he teleported Kangaroo Kommando.[13]

Due to being made of fire and charcoal, Pyronites glow in the dark like candles.[14] Furthermore, they are fireproof, heat resistant, and invulnerable to magma.

Pyronites are cold resistant and ice proof thanks to the heat they produce, allowing them to thaw his way out of ice such as an Evolved Necrofriggian's ice flames.[15]

Pyronites can generate enough heat to solidify slushy substances or creatures, such as Lenopans.[16]

Pyronites are capable of limited terrakinesis by channeling fire through the ground.[DM 1] One result of this capability is the ability to surf through the air on a board of rock.[6][17][18][19]

Pyronites have enhanced strength, as Heatblast was able hold his own with his fists against Viktor, making the latter stumble several steps backwards.[6] He was also able to lift a broken portion of a house, rip off and buckle the door of a car[4] and stop the Wooden Bell.[20]

Pyronites have enhanced durability, as Heatblast was able to survive getting thrown through multiple buildings at high speed by Vilgax with no damage,[2] as well as Malware's laser blasts.[21] He also casually shrugged off multiple laser blasts from Rojo[8] and survived the Chimerian Hammer's explosion.[2]

Pyronites are capable of jumping exceptionally high.[22]

Pyronites can swim and use their powers underwater, but with a very low intensity. Ironically, they can even breathe underwater despite being a fire-based alien.[5]

Pyronites are immune to being controlled by a Vladat via their Corrupturas as long as they can burn them off their body with a small flare.[DJW 3]

Because of their solar-like radiation, Pyronites are immune to being possessed by Ectonurites.[DJW 4]

When infected with a cold, a Pyronite's powers are completely inverted, making their pyrokinesis becoming cryokinesis (the ability to create and control cold and ice), and they are constructed of icy fire rather than regular fire. While in this state, they can shoot blasts of ice from their hands that could freeze and cool down a nuclear reactor, and create blue "ice-fire" balls to encase and trap their opponents in.[23]


If exposed to enough water or fire-extinguishing substances, a Pyronite's fire will be extinguished, though they can still heat up and reignite their fire in short amounts of time.

As mentioned above, when under the effects of a cold, a Pyronite's pyrokinesis is replaced with cryokinesis. Despite the new powers this gives them, the Pyronite would work completely "nonfunctional" to their fiery nature and the cold still prejudices their health, meaning that it's still technically a "weakness," but not totally since it never exactly slowed Heatblast down (albeit taking a while to master it).[23]

If a Pyronite isn't careful, they may cause a fire that will accidentally go out of control and spread in certain areas.[1]

Because of their fiery bodies, on occasion, Pyronites cannot hold anything without burning or melting it. They are also prone to burning the place where they sit.[4] Similarly, they can leave scorch mark footprints on certain floors.[24]

Despite having a body made of fire, a Pyronite can still be rendered immobile by ice until they melt it off.[15][24]

Pyronites can be temporarily blinded by adhesives.[18]

Despite their enhanced durability, Pyronites can still feel pain from heavy impacts, as shown when Heatblast lost control of his fire board during his fight with the Megawhatts and crashed headlong into a concrete pillar, leaving him badly stunned.[3]

Pyronites are vulnerable to being trapped by a Crabdozer.[25][26]

A Pyronite's fire attacks are useless against anything diamond-related or fireproof in general, such as Petrosapiens,[27] Crabdozers,[20] and weapons and/or armor made from their DNA.[28]

Pyronites are vulnerable to the telekinetic abilities of a Uxorite[29] and a Celestialsapien, the latter of which has been demonstrated with Alan.[30]

Pyronites can get dizzy by flying around in a continuous circle at extremely high speeds.[11]

Pyronites can be knocked down by an Aerophibian's neuroshock blasts, as also demonstrated with Alan.[31]

Despite their Corruptura immunity, a Pyronite can still be controlled by Corrupturas unless they are burned off their body.[DJW 3]


A few coats of Pyronite wax can make anything completely fireproof.

Notable Pyronites

Notable Pyronite Hybrids


The name Pyronite comes from "pyro-" relating to heat/fire, and "-nite" from ignite.


  • Pyronites can have zits just like humans, but they pop and are consumed by fire almost instantly.[MW 1]
  • If a Pyronite wanted to wear an ID Mask, they would need a special one designed to be heat-resistant.[DM 2]
  • During Cartoon Network's 20th Birthday Celebration, there was a live-action commercial of a family of Pyronites throwing a birthday party for a young one who seemed about four or five.[35]
    • There was a grown male who looked exactly like Heatblast from Race Against Time, a grown female who looked similar except that the flames on her head blew to either side, and an elderly Pyronite who had low flames and blue hands.
  • Pyronites do not wear clothes because either they cannot or have difficulty wearing them.[DJW 7]
  • Squivel is inspired by Raf Esquivel from Transformers Prime.[DJW 8]


Crew Statements

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