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Fear... is my currency!

– Psyphon as a crime boss.[1]

Psyphon was formerly Vilgax's servant and right-hand man. He is and will always be extremely loyal to Vilgax[DJW 1] following his will completely.

He runs his own operations as of Omniverse.


Psyphon has a skeletal appearance. His body is white with his head fin being white and outlined with three black stripes. He wears a sleeveless black robe and a brace-like armor with red bars in the bottom, one in the middle, and one square and circle on top. He has fingerless gloves with three rectangles which he sometimes uses for fighting. His lips and around his eyes are black while his eyes are red.

In Omniverse, his overall body shape is much slimmer and even more skeletal. His fin has become rounded, like a spike, and has become mostly black with two white stripes. His eyes now contain pupils and a short black line, and he no longer has a visible nose. His robe now has sleeves, three metal bars on each side red markings on his shoulders, and only reaches to his knees, resembling a long coat. Three bolts are on each side of his neck, legs, and arms and has spikes on both hands and feet.


In Alien Force, Psyphon is shown to be a stoic person, eternally loyal to his master Vilgax, helping him conquer worlds and draining the powers of the heroes of said worlds. Even if Vilgax lost or died he will still be by his side. He has advanced knowledge of alien gadgetry being able to modify the power-draining machine to absorb Dagon.

In Ultimate Alien, Psypon still had these traits but now more cunning and aggressive, willing to avenge Vilgax's "death" by going to Earth with R.E.Ds and had taken some of Vilgax's equipment.

As of Omniverse, Psyphon is more independent and hotheaded, bragging about going from a servant to the leader of a crime syndicate. However he is still scared of/loyal to Vilgax to the point of doing anything for him (even if he mistakes someone who looks like him) like in Bengeance is Mine, he admitted he is not really a leader preferring to go back to being his servant.



Psyphon helped Vilgax drain all the powers of the heroes of the 10 worlds he had conquered (one of these worlds being his own home planet).

Alien Force

He first appears in Vengeance of Vilgax, helping Vilgax absorb Ultimos' powers with his power-absorbing machine and came to Earth with Vilgax so he could challenge Ben to a fight. He fended off some police officers with a button on his watch and placed a bomb if Ben would not show up. Ben even asked if Psyphon would work for him if he won.

Psyphon also appeared briefly at the beginning of Primus where he is seen on Vilgaxia giving Vilgax advice about how to take Ben down. Vilgax then remembers what Zs'Skayr told him earlier about Primus., and made a non-speaking cameo at the end of The Secret of Chromastone, handing a tissue to Vilgax, who had caught Ben's cold.

During the events of The Final Battle, Psyphon was tending to Vilgax's empire.

Ultimate Alien

His first reappearance in the series is Reflected Glory, where he wants to avenge his master's defeat by destroying Cash and J.T. He then realizes they were not the brains behind Ben so he goes and battles Ben. However, Cash and J.T. shot an energy decoupler at him, allowing Ultimate Spidermonkey to knock him out with a single weak punch.

In The Ultimate Enemy: Part 1, Psyphon arrived near the end of the episode with the machine used to take the powers of Vilgax's enemies and insert them into Vilgax. Then, as he prepares to fight Ben and his team, Dagon is released.

In The Ultimate Enemy: Part 2, Psyphon uses the machine to absorb Dagon and transfers it to Vilgax.


Psyphon reappeared in The More Things Change: Part 2. He now runs his own operations, like a protection racket on alien markets in Bellwood and Undertown, threatening to blow them up with bombs and accepting only Taydenite as payment. He plots to expand the protection racket to the human stores in Bellwood and since they lack the Taydenite to pay him, this will result in dozens of bombs going off in Bellwood, which is his intent.

During the battle with Ben, he demonstrated a device designed to overload the nervous systems of aliens, thus causing them to lose control of their powers. Psyphon and Ben were separated by Buglizard and instead fought Ben's new partner, a Revonnahgander named Rook Blonko. During the resulting fight with Rook, Psyphon developed a lustful craving for Rook's Proto-Tech Armor, wanting its technology. He lost the fight because a scaffolding fell on top of him when he was trying to hit Rook with his eye beams. He and his gang are arrested by the Plumbers at the end of the episode and imprisoned inside the Plumber's base underneath Max's store.

He later appears in Outbreak, where after Dr. Psychobos steals a vital stabilizer chip from the Omnitrix, he is transformed into a half Pyronite creature along with his gang Liam, Fistina, and Bubble Helmet, who are transformed into half a Vaxasaurian, half a Galvanic Mechamorph, and half a Gimlinopithecus respectively.

He then devised a plan to escape from the Plumber's prison. First, he allowed his three superpowered minions to attempt a direct escape, buying him time to hack the base's Null Void gate and commit the full power of the base to it, thus threatening to suck Bellwood into the Null Void. He knew that the Plumbers would shut down the gate, and in doing so they also deactivated the secondary security field that was trapping him and his minions in the base.

Luckily, Blukic and Driba were able to fix Ben's Omnitrix, returning those affected by it back to normal, much to Psyphon's chagrin, and caused him and his minions to be re-imprisoned in the base.

In Special Delivery, he wanted to auction a package that contained the Dwarf Star in a containment sphere. He attached it to his own suit and defeated Ben as Humungousaur, but Ben later defeated him as Toepick.

In Mud Is Thicker Than Water, he stole Plumber technology with the help of his spy, Gorvan. His plans were ruined when he realized that Liam, was actually Lucy Mann. He was quickly defeated by Crashhopper.

In Bengeance is Mine, he believed he had been reunited with Vilgax, though it was actually Bill Gacks. He did everything for him, even robbed a bank (what Bill never asked). He encounters some Squid Monsters and realizes that he can control them. He was fooled by Bill who, using an ID Mask pretended to be Vilgax. At the end of the episode, he was trapped in a pipe by Snare-oh.

Three days before the events of Cough It Up, he tried to rob a truck that was transporting a dangerous weapon but was preceded by Argit. He hired bounty hunters to get Argit for him, with the retriever receiving double the reward. At the Black Hole, after SevenSeven took Argit, he threatened him to hand over the dehydrated Techadon army. Argit swallowed the cube, which made Psyphon incredibly desperate and angry. Argit wanted to get the cube out of his body and Psyphon was about to do it with pleasure. Ben, knowing Psyphon's weakness, transformed into Toepick, which made Psyphon faint. Soon after, he and his minions are banned from Undertown.

Powers and Abilities

Despite his thinner appearance, Psyphon has enhanced durability and strength, and is even stronger than Ultimate Spidermonkey. He can create powerful beams of energy from both his hands and eyes, to either fire as blasts or create shields or lassoes from.[2]

He seems to be handy with lots of technologies, often given the role of preparing and operating important machines when he was working for Vilgax (ignoring all the gadgets he himself personally uses).[3][4]

He is capable of levitation, though it is unclear if he can naturally or must use technology to do so.

He can control the Squid Monsters, in theory that he was Vilgax's servant.[5]

During the brief period when he was half-Pyronite, he had access to all the basic Pyronite abilities.[6]


Psyphon holds many small controller devices on his body for various purposes. One on his right arm has a button which creates a force field to stop attacks.[3] Both of his arm ones can fire different kinds of beams, such as one that can burn objects, one that causes nervous system damage, and many more unseen. He also had grenades.[3]

Parallel to Vilgax, Psyphon commands his own army of droids known as R.E.D.s (Robotic Extermination Devices). They are durable, capable of flight, and are armed with a variety of high-powered firearms.[2]

Psyphon once took control of the Dwarf Star. When he charged his suit with it, he gained the ability to create more powerful energy blasts and stronger force fields, along with the power of teleportation and the ability to jump higher.[7]


Scared by Toepick

Psyphon's egomaniacal plans normally go astray when some unforeseen factor or missed detail comes into play.

Psyphon is terrified of Vilgax.[8] His undying loyalty of Vilgax can be used against him. He has admitted to himself that he is no leader, as even his own gang makes fun of him, preferring to go back to Vilgax.[5] This proves that he lacks foresight despite his high intellect.

Psyphon can be scared by Toepick's face.[7]

Electricity can temporarily paralyze Psyphon.

When he was half-Pyronite, he had the same weaknesses as one.[6]


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Chapter Books

Video Games

Ben 10 Alien Force: Vilgax Attacks

Psyphon made an appearance in the game Vilgax Attacks as a miniboss and is met by Ben on the rooftops in Bellwood. After being defeated, he brings the Mr. Smoothy sign to life. At the end of the game, he was sent into the Null Void with Vilgax by Alien X. At the end of the game, he also reveals that Vilgax beamed him back aboard his ship after Ben defeated him.

In the game, his abilities range from orbital lasers, force fields, energy attacks, and grenades.

Ben 10 Ultimate Alien: Cosmic Destruction

Psyphon appears in Cosmic Destruction where he serves Evil Way Big/Albedo. He mentioned the reason why he decided to leave Vilgax, which was because he wanted to serve the most powerful, but he could just have been flattering Evil Way Big. He mentioned considering working for Aggregor, but Aggregor said he worked alone, and Psyphon said "and look where that got him". Evil Way Big interpreted Psyphon's comment that he couldn't be trusted and kept him around only because of his usefulness, first with his army of R.E.D.s, later by brainwashing Cooper to attack Ben and retrieve the Potis Altiare, and finally holding off Ben himself. In the DS Version, Ben encounters Psyphon at the Robotics Lab in Tokyo.

Ben 10: Omniverse

Psyphon appears in Omniverse as a boss. He once again takes the role of a lackey, having kidnapped Blukic and Driba to construct holographic converters for Malware. He was hunted down and defeated by Ben and Rook and his prisoners defeated.


Psyphon's name is a corruption of the word siphon, meaning to draw out. This is because he is the one who controls the machine that siphons power out of Vilgax's enemies and into Vilgax. His name could also be a combination of siphon and psycho due to his somewhat unhinged personality.



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