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Prospector Pete is an antique salesman, his first appearance is Freaky Gwen Ben.


Pete wears a cowboy suit: a large gray hat, a white shirt tied to gray pants, and blue-gray boots. Pete has a brown beard.


Pete speaks with a cowboy accent. He doesn't seem to be afraid of certain things, as he was unfazed to learn that Hex wanted to take over the world until it got mad.


In Freaky Gwen Ben, he is first seen trying to sell Hex some cowboy boots, but he would not accept them and uses his powers to throw them away while trying to look for the Titan gauntlets so he could rule the world, then he gave him a pair of fuzzy chaps but Hex gets angry, and makes everything come to life. In the end when Hex was defeated and captured the cops arrive along with the salesman (with a broken arm) reported and arrested him.

In Mayhem in Mascot he makes a brief appearance in a photo with Elvisphant.

In The Night Ben Tennyson Came to Town it is revealed that Pete runs a town called Wheeler, which contains a gold mine.


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