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Prisoner 775 is the main villain and titular character in the episode Prisoner Number 775 Is Missing. He was a Merlinisapien prisoner of Area 51.


Prisoner 775 resembles an enormous humanoid lizard with lavender scales with dark purple stripes. He has three solid triangular lenses for eyes (right solid-red, middle electric-green, left sky-blue) on a black mask with a small horn on the top of his head.


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Prisoner 775 was part of a revolution on his home planet that was lost. His mate and children died and he thought there was nothing left to live for. He was exiled from his homeworld by an oppressive dictator and crashed on Earth where he ended up imprisoned in the secret Area 51, held on false suspicion of being a terrorist.

Ultimate Alien

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Prisoner 775 attacking Colonel Rozum

After Area 51 is visited by Old George, Prisoner 775 escapes. He wanted to kill Colonel Rozum and his family for his association with the US Air Force for imprisoning him for years and letting his family die (although Kevin Levin suggested him to "even the score" with Ben advising him to "seek justice"). However, he was stopped by Ben as Ultimate Wildmutt. He begged to be executed, to rejoin with his family, but to no avail. Prisoner 775 was handed over to the Plumbers for interrogation as his DNA is scanned by Ben's Ultimatrix to unlock Chamalien.

Powers and Abilities

Prisoner 775 has all the abilities of a typical Earth chameleon. His skin can change color to the point where he can blend into almost any environment, thus making him virtually invisible. He can climb on and stick to walls and ceilings, and he's remarkably fast and slippery. Along with his sharp teeth, sharp claws, and renowned strength, his tail has a deadly retractable stinger.


Even when "invisible", his body still remains opaque, which means he casts shadows that can give away his position. His species is also vulnerable to mana, as Gwen was able to trap him in a globe before tricking her into releasing him. His scent still remains constant, so he has no way of hiding from a Vulpimancer with a technique only effective with hiding in plain sight.


Ben 10: Ultimate Alien


  • When Prisoner 775 turns invisible, the way his mouth and eyes are clear for a while as the rest of him disappears is similar to the Cheshire Cat in Alice in Wonderland.
    • Both Prisoner 775 and Chamalien bear a strong physical resemblance to Disney Pixar’s Monsters, Inc. character, Randall Boggs, all three being reptilian, based on chameleons, and being able to blend in with their surroundings.
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