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Powerless is a Ben 10 comic story published in the Cartoon Network Action Pack series (based on the Ultimate Alien era of the show), published by DC and Cartoon Network. This comic appears in issue 58 of the series.


During a fight with Triple Trouble, the Ultimatrix powers down on Ben and he's left powerless in a middle of the fight! After Gwen and Kevin save the day without his help, the duo convince Ben that he should get some training to prepare himself for the occasions when he can't call on the Ultimatrix for help.

Ben, on Max's advice, visits an old friend 'Charlie Lien Ho' at his martial arts dojo (leaving the Ultimatrix at home), in order to have him teach Ben how to be a capable fighter and not be left vulnerable. Before much training beyond a few vague words of advice can be given, an alien collector in search of totems of power (such as the watch), bursts through the ceiling, setting the master and apprentice on the run.

Without his aliens to help him, Ben has to use Charlie's advice to avoid and distract The Collector, eventually leading him to a water tower that Ben and Charlie collapse on top of him together. After getting home, Ben finds he's less concerned about the Ultimatrix, and instead on getting some rest.



Aliens Used


  • Kevin, when having absorbed cement, becomes completely liquefied without harm (as opposed to the usual power of just being coated in the material, he appears to be the material all the way through). This error was also in the manga-eque comic Doom Dimension.


  • AmpFibian only shows up on the cover, but he is not used in the comic.
  • This is the first time that Ben can't transform into an alien at all after he becomes powerless.
  • Max's cooking isn't shown to be unusual or poorly made, as it was in previous stories.
  • The second antagonist of the story, The Collector (Alien), uses a theme that's been repeated in much Ben 10 media. The previous story in this run One Man's Trash also featured a collector alien, as well as the Omniverse episode Collect This, with Collectimus.


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