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Power Surge is an online game based on Ben 10.


Billy Billions has hijacked the Rustbucket. However, he has left a damaged drone behind, which Ben fixes as Upgrade, taking it for his own and pursuing Billy throughout Oldeville.


Move- Arrow keys/WASD


Power Surge is a horizontally-scrolling shoot em' up game. As you play, various types of Billy's drones fly or shoot at you, depleting your health. Defeating enemies can sometimes yield Omnitrix-like icons, which upgrades Ben's firepower and health, as well as turning you into either Heatblast or Stinkfly, depending on the level. Defeating enemies will score you points, which are displayed upon losing the game. The more upgrades a player can obtain, the more points are scored per enemy. Another form of scoring points comes in picking up Omnitrix icons while fully upgraded.

The player can also run into icons with lighting bolts on them, which when playing as Ben either sends out an electrical pulse or summons missiles on all sides of the player. If Heatblast picks up the lightning bolt icon, he will fire a wall of flames in front of him. Lastly, if Stinkfly obtains it, goo is splattered all around him. Much like their normal attacks, these moves become upgraded the more Omnitrix icons are obtained. For Heatblast, the wall of flames also shoots from behind him, while for Stinkfly, goo is spread all over the screen.

At the end of each level, the player fights Billy in his limousine atop the Rustbucket. During these fights, drones will still appear, albeit in less quantities. When moving onto a new level, Ben reverts from his transformation, although he still retains his first upgrade. If the player loses, they have the option to either return to the title screen or simply restart the level they failed.

Level 1's alien is Heatblast, and Billy's weapon is a large laser gun mounted onto his limousine.

Level 2's alien is Stinkfly, with Billy's weapon being a Gatling gun, which strangely fires missiles one at a time. From this point onwards, Heatblast and Stinkfly swap each other out for each level.

In level 3, Billy's weapon once again changes, this time it being a buzz saw that is thrown at the player. Unlike the laser gun or the Gatling gun, tailing the Rustbucket while fighting this weapon does not work as a blind spot.

In level 4, the background becomes a sunset. For this encounter, Billy swaps between the laser gun and Gatling gun.

In level 5, Billy now utilizes all three prior weapons in his fight.

In the following levels, Billy uses various combinations of these weapons, or only one.

Playable Characters[]


Playable Aliens[]



  • This game is based on Rustbucket RIP.
  • Strangely, the drone Ben fixes as Upgrade retains his purple circuitry, even when Ben is not transformed into Upgrade.
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