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Polyominus is the homeworld of the Segmentasapiens.


Segmentasapiens evolved to hide by blending in with the structures on Polyominus, so it is known that their architecture resembles modern Segmentasapiens.


During at least one point in its history, Polyominus was threatened by constant invasions, which led to the Segmentasapiens being forced to adapt to all types of warring conditions.

Polyominus boasts some of the most ancient architecture in the universe. Many beings in the galaxy consider it to be a ghost planet, for there has been no noticeable indigenous life found on Polyominus for millennia now. A secret that few off-worlders are ever made privy to however, is that all of the eerily abandoned, medieval-style walled cities on Polyominus are the planet's lifeforms: Segmentasapiens, who evolved this ability to hide in plain sight from invaders.

Notable Inhabitants