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Polymorphs are a species from the molten planet of Viscosia.[merch 1]


Polymorphs are unicellular organisms[DM 1] that weigh around 200 pounds,[merch 2] and are neither liquid nor solid, but colloidal suspensions.[DM 2]

Polymorphs are generally green in color, though they do come in different colors,[DM 3] including red,[1] mint green, blue, orange, grey, purple, peach and pink.[DJW 1]

Polymorphs are gelatinous humanoids with a pointed head and an asymmetrical, drippy amoeba-like shape. Their brains are spread throughout their body.[DM 4]


When their original home planet was destroyed long ago under mysterious circumstances, the Polymorph scientific community sent explorers out into the universe to find a suitable planet to relocate their species. It was on Viscosia, in the intense heat and among the unstable solids, that the Polymorphs made their new home.[merch 2]


Polymorphs are scavengers, using their cytoplasm as highly corrosive acid to dissolve, digest, and process any unclaimed organic matter they consume.[merch 1][MW 1][merch 2]

Powers and Abilities[]

A Polymorph's entire body is comprised of cytoplasm that is very bouncy and elastic. This gives them a wide and gangly range of motion, able to stretch their limbs very far to extend their grab reach, as demonstrated by Ultimate Kevin,[2] or the reach of their punches and kicks.[3][1] It also allows them to absorb all manner of impacts, useful for blocking opponents' attacks[4] or cushioning falling people.[5][6]

Polymorphs have the power of shapeshifting, allowing them to stretch, bend, and deform themselves into any shape with ease, ranging from a pseudopod-protruding glob of goo to a stretchy, bouncing ball and everything in between.[merch 1] They can use this to dodge attacks;[3] increase mobility;[7] wrap around enemies;[8] slip underneath doors or through small spaces;[9] and return to their normal shape if they are ever deformed or separated.[10] Using their shapeshifting, Polymorphs can mimic the shape of simple objects well enough to fool opponents, provided they don't look too closely.[merch 2][merch 3] Polymorphs can also produce multiple prehensile pseudopods from their body to grab multiple opponents.[8]

Polymorphs can produce additional cytoplasm to regenerate,[8] make themselves bigger, or have a stronger kinetic impact.[7] They can also change its density depending on their desire,[DM 5] and the density of a Polymorph's cytoplasm can increase to the point of breaking a metal pipe by the sheer force of its impact.[11]

Due to being made of cytoplasm, Polymorphs can hold objects[12] or individuals inside their body to protect them.[7] They can also wrap themselves around someone to bind them in place.[13][11]

Polymorphs are capable of making themselves acidic at will. Their acid is able to dissolve a large variety of materials.[14][15][9][16]

Polymorphs are able to generate and expel cytoplasm from any part of their body for use as offensive weaponry,[merch 1] even as spit despite having no visible mouth.[17][4] The cytoplasm they generate can either be highly acidic[18] or adhesive.[17] They can shoot it in continuous streams similar to a water hose[18] or in blob-like projectiles.[17] If they need to, Polymorphs are also able to neutralize their own acid.[19][4]

Polymorphs possess enhanced strength, as Goop could wrestle with Magister Prior Gilhil, someone who could easily overpower an armored Osmosian.[13] They can also increase the impact power of their attacks by stretching themselves backwards and using the recoil to boost their momentum.[3]

Due to their body's incredible elasticity, Polymorphs are extremely resilient, and their brain being spread across their body makes it so that they feel no pain from most physical attacks. This allows them to survive lethal falls without a scratch[20] and be bisected numerous times.[8]

The cytoplasm of Polymorphs are hydrophobic, allowing them to survive underwater, as seen when Goop hid in the sewer to ambush Ben.[11] Polymorphs can additionally survive being atomized across an entire planet's worth of water volume, such as Goop did with Piscciss. Moreover, Goop was able to generate enough additional goop to color all the planet's water green.[21]

Polymorphs can survive in intense heat, such as the environment of their home planet Viscosia.[merch 2]

Polymorphs can pass under an enemy's foot in order to make them slip.[22][8]

Polymorphs can move their eyes all throughout their body.[DJW 2] They can also merge their eyes into one.[23]


On planets with stronger gravity than Viscosia, Polymorphs are limited to an Anti-Gravity Projector controlling their body, otherwise the body of a Polymorph will collapse into an puddle,[15][3] only capable of slowly slithering around[24]

Despite being able to survive being atomized, a Polymorph will start to hurt if they are, at the very least, spun very quickly in a centrifuge and beginning to separate into their constituent compounds.[24]

Polymorphs are vulnerable to being super heated and vaporized by an Evolved Galvan's energy beams.[25]

Polymorphs are vulnerable to strong winds, as shown when Goop got sucked into Trombipulor's nose[10] or blown away by a Geochelone Aerios.[1]

Polymorphs are vulnerable to being possessed by an Ectonurite.[DJW 3]

Polymorphs are vulnerable to being turned into smoothies by Squirtapiller's species.[DJW 4]

Polymorphs are vulnerable to being hypnotized.[DJW 5]

Polymorphs can be affected by a Nemuina's sleeping dust.[DJW 6]


Some Polymorphs can make use of an Anti-Gravity Projector, which allows them to be fully mobile on foreign planets like Earth by generating a corrective field of gravity around them. It also enhances their shapeshifting capabilities, such as assisting in reconstituting themselves.

Polymorphs that use Anti-Gravity Projectors are capable of high-speed flight and levitation, as demonstrated by Goop being able to easily evade Trombipulor's shots.[10]

An Anti-Gravity Projector has enough strength to pull continental-like masses of cytoplasm together, such as the cytoplasm-infected waters of Piscciss.[21]

Polymorphs can control and launch their Anti-Gravity Projector at enemies to attack them due to the edges of it being razor-sharp.[11]

Notable Polymorphs[]

Notable Polymorph Hybrids[]


The name Polymorph means "many shapes".



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