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Polar Twain is a criminal scientist working alongside his brother, Solar Twain.


Polar Twain wears a gray-white suit with reddish parts similar to that of an astronaut. He has two large gloves on his hands that allow him to control the magnetism and two tanks on his back connected to his suit and gloves. On his chest, he has a bright minus sign (-).


Polar Twain tends to compete and fight with his brother, Solar Twain. This is usually more detrimental to him, as the two can get so caught up in arguing that they both end up ignoring anyone else.


Powers and Abilities


His suit of armor gives him power over magnetism along with the ability to fly. This grants him some amount of telekinesis.


Because of his tendency to argue with his brother, he is as likely to fight him as he is his opponents, which can leave him vulnerable to attack.


Ben 10

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