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Polar Manzardills are a species from the multi-terrained planet X'Nelli.[OV Brief 1] They are a sister species to other Manzardills.

Their evolved counterparts are Evolved Polar Manzardills.


Polar Manzardills are one of many types of Manzardill.[OV Brief 1][pop-up 1][1] They are large, blue/grey, lizard/fish-like creatures. Their arms are fairly long, with three-fingered hands and short legs that end in stumps. They have four shark-like fins and sharp teeth. They have small, squinted eyes and a black stripe around their eyes and face. Behind their eyes are pronounced scales and what appear to be gills. Polar Manzardills can breathe freezing vapor, which is capable of freezing enemies, water, or cooling lava. This vapor is puffed out in small amounts when they talk.

Only male Polar Manzardills have been seen, so it is unknown what female Polar Manzardills look like.

Powers and Abilities[]

Polar Manzardills are capable of breathing out ice from their mouths, by firing either a long-range freeze ray or an icy wind[2] that encases their targets.[3] This ice breathing is cold enough to freeze large bodies of liquid, from water[1] to molten lava,[4] and can make an Arachnichimp's webbing brittle enough to shatter easily.[5] Their ice is also very slippery, as demonstrated by Freeze Lizard.[6]

Polar Manzardills can use their freeze ray to create structures made of ice.[3]

Polar Manzardills can use their freeze ray as a means of quickly propelling themselves short distances through the air (along with anyone holding on to them).[7][6]

Polar Manzardills possess enhanced strength, enough to push a Petrosapien off a building, as shown by Freeze Lizard.[6]

Polar Manzardills possess enhanced durability, being able to withstand being hit by a Petrosapien's shard projectiles, also demonstrated by Freeze Lizard.[6]

Polar Manzardills can survive in environments with sub-freezing temperatures.[OV Brief 1]

Polar Manzardills can crawl up walls without issue, as demonstrated by Freeze Lizard.[6]


CT (110)

Trapped in Webbing

Polar Manzardills can be trapped in an Arachnichimp's webbing unless they make it brittle using their ice breath.[5]

Notable Polar Manzardills[]

Notable Polar Manzardill Hybrids[]


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One of the meanings for "Polar" is connected with, or near the North or South Pole, which are icy areas, referencing their cryokinetic abilities, while "zardill" is a corruption of the word "lizard".


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