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Poiana Lüncas[note 1] is a desert planet in the Andromeda Galaxy and the home of the Talpaedans and Slammoids.


Poiana Lüncas is a typical desert planet and typically suffers from sandstorms.


Not much is known about Poiana Lüncas; it is known that it presents a great desert, where Talpaedan and Slammoids live, which presents strong sandstorms as a result of the strong winds of the planet.

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  • Poiana Lüncas was originally described as an asteroid belt in the Andromeda Galaxy. In the distant past, it was a planet but was jack-hammered by the Talpaedans into pieces, a cluster of irregular chunks of rock the size of moons. Talpaedans were living and working on and within the asteroids that were left of this planet, mining the many precious ores and minerals still present. Beneath the surface of each asteroid were vast and complex mazes of caverns, lined with Talpaedans' unique luminous symbols that allowed them to know exactly where they were at any given point underground.[merch 1] This is slightly retconned in Omniverse, as it is shown that Poiana Lüncas is an intact desert planet.[1]


  1. Poiana Lüncas was revealed to be Armodrillo's, and by extension, the Talpaedans', home planet in the fifty-third issue of the Cartoon Network Action Pack series, released on December 1, 2010.[merch 1] Despite this, on April 14, 2011, a user named Reece Philippe Villamonte edited Armodrillo's page, claiming that Terraexcava was his home planet. The page for Terraexcava would later be created on April 30, 2011 by another user named Sillifactu, citing Bandai's website and fan site as sources. Archived pages from the Bandai site do not seem to have any information regarding Armodrillo's home planet. Thus, Poiana Lüncas is the true name of the Talpaedans' home planet.



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