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Poiana Lüncas is the Talpaedans' home world.[note 1] It is an asteroid belt in the Andromeda Galaxy.[merch 1]


Poiana Lüncas, in the distant past, was a planet, but was jack-hammered by the Talpaedans into pieces, a cluster of irregular chucks of rock the size of moons. Now the Talpaedans live and work on and within the asteroids that is left of this planet, mining the many precious ores and minerals still present.[merch 1]


Beneath the surface of each asteroid are vast and complex mazes of caverns, lined with Talpaedans' unique luminous symbols that allows them to know exactly where they are at any given point underground.[merch 1]

Notable Inhabitants


  1. This information has been retconned as of Of Predators and Prey: Part 2, which established that Terraexcava is the Talpaedans' homeworld.


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