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Pluto was a dwarf planet of Earth's solar system. Its orbit was tilted instead of level like the other planets orbiting the Sun and was orbited by 1 large and 4 small moons.


In X = Ben + 2, Pluto was destroyed by the Incursean Conquest Ray as an example of what might happen to Earth if Attea wasn't returned to Milleous in time.


  • Matt Wayne hinted that Pluto probably will appear again in some point of the series.[1]
    • However, this never happened.
  • Bellicus showed disdain of Pluto, considering it to be a dwarf planet, while Serena said she wanted it to be a planet instead of a dwarf planet.
  • The second Ben 10,000 took his nickname after the second Plutonian revolt of 2022, which means that his version of Pluto was not destroyed.


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