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After watching Ben's recruits in action, I think they need some training from an old pro.

Max, deciding to train the Plumbers' Helpers.[1]

The Plumbers' Helpers consisted of Plumbers' kids (or grandkids, in Cooper's case). They were under the training of Plumber veteran Max Tennyson and were promoted to official Plumbers after having graduated from the Plumbers' Academy.



When Manny, Helen and Pierce first discovered their powers, they went on an alien-hunting spree. They sent any aliens they encountered into the Null Void without bothering to learn if they were good or bad.[2][merch 1]

Alien Force[]

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The Plumbers' Helpers first appeared in the namesake episode.

When Max went missing after the Highbreed attack, he had Ben find some Plumbers' kids to aid him.

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