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Plumbers' Helpers is the eleventh episode of Ben 10: Alien Force.


A pair of rogue Plumbers, alien/human hybrids, a female Kineceleran named Helen and a male Tetramand named Manny are hunting DNAliens, as well as other aliens, thinking all of them are evil. They attack the aliens and use what they believe is a giant disintegrator ray, which is actually a Null Void Projector. When they encounter Ben, Gwen and Kevin they attack them, and while Ben transforms into Big Chill saves Gwen, Kevin gets kidnapped for questioning, as Helen isn't sure the group is dangerous.

Thanks to her powers, Gwen locates Kevin and she and Ben set out to rescue him. Meanwhile, Helen and Manny use a database created by Helen's brother Pierce to try and find out what species Kevin belongs to, as they think he's an alien. During the rescue, Ben gets thrown into the Null Void, but manages to escape after transforming into Swampfire.

After that, the two sides work things out and after looking at a database of the aliens they captured and put into the Null Void, Ben realizes that some of them may have been Plumber kids. To make things right, Helen and Manny set out into the Null Void to rescue those they wrongfully imprisoned, and Kevin takes some of their equipment when they leave, much to Ben and Gwen's dismay.

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  • It is revealed that Kevin can temporarily extend his absorbing powers to whomever he is in contact with.



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Manny: We could've nailed three monsters at once.
Kevin: Monsters? That's a laugh coming from a Halloween reject like you.

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Kevin: Let me out of this bubble and I'll see what you got.
Helen: Quiet! You sound like a couple of six-year olds fighting in the playground!
Kevin and Manny: (at the same time) I'm not anything like him! (Glare at each other) Grrr...!

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Gwen: What kind of a hero travels in a bus?
Ben: None of us knows how to drive a car and none of us has a license! What do you want me to do? (pretends to call his mother) Hi, Mom. We need to go fight some aliens. Will you give us a ride?
Gwen: Okay, whatever. I'm just worried, that's all.
Ben: About Kevin?
Gwen: Yeah, I mean we must reach there before something bad happens... it's not like I care about him... I mean who would care about a person who is untrustworthy, rude and arrogant... and how could you even say such a thing about me!
Ben: (confused, shocked, understanding Gwen's feeling for Kevin) I didn't say anything.
Gwen: (groans)
(meanwhile at Helen and Manny's place)
Manny: Are they close?
(at the same time Ben and Gwen reach the place)
Ben: Very!
Gwen: Now give us back our friend!
(Helen and Manny start shooting at Ben and Gwen, Gwen puts up her shield) Ben: (sarcastically) Friend?
Gwen: Teammate, co-worker, whatever.... can we talk about this later?
Ben: (Helen noticed the distracted Gwen and Ben, so taking advantage, she shoots a piece of rock, which breaks into three, all falling on Ben's head and shoulders) Hey! I wasn't the one who... Uh... Uh... Uhhhh (and Ben falls to the ground unconscious)
Gwen: Ben! (and hits Helen and Manny with her shield)
Kevin: (at the same time regaining consciousness, realizing that Ben and Gwen have come to his rescue) Looks like my rescuers need rescuing.

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Kevin: But look at it this way: your human form is probably even uglier.
Manny: You wanna go another round?
Kevin: Anytime, pal!
Helen: (to Gwen) Tell your boyfriend to back off.
Gwen: No! You tell yours to... Woahoh, he is not my boyfriend!
Helen: Well, you sure act like it.
Gwen: Don't tell me who my boyfriend isn't... is!
(meanwhile) Manny: Think you're funny?!
Kevin: Hey, you're the comedian; at least you've got the face for it.
Manny: Boy, are you asking for it?!
Kevin: I'm begging for it! Who's going to give it to me!?
Manny: Me! With three hands tied behind my back!
Ben: (getting angry) Hey! Stop it, all of you! What am I, your babysitter?!
Helen: (referring to Pierce) You sounded just like my brother.
Gwen: (sarcastically) Really?

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Kevin: (after Ben escapes the Null Void) I taught him that.
Gwen: No you didn't.

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Kevin: (referring to Helen and Manny) That is so not going to go well.
Ben: I don't know. On paper we don't look like such a great team either.
Kevin: There is that. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go swipe some of their equipment.
Gwen: Kevin!
Ben: So not cool, man!

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Naming and Translations

Language Name Origin
French SOS Plombiers SOS Plumbers
Hungarian Szerelőtanoncok Plumber Pentrices
Italian Gli Aiutanti dei Risolutori The Helpers of the Solvers
Polish Pomocnicy Hydraulików Plumbers' Helpers
Portuguese (Br) Ajudantes dos Encanadores Plumbers' Helpers
Romanian Ajutoarele Instalatorilor Installers' Aids
Spanish (HA) Unos Nuevos Plomeros Some New Plumbers
Spanish (Spain) Ayudantes De Fontanero Plumber' Helpers


Voice Actor Role(s)
Yuri Lowenthal Ben Tennyson
Ashley Johnson Gwen Tennyson
Greg Cipes Kevin Levin
Dee Bradley Baker Big Chill
Khary Payton Manny Armstrong
Juliet Landau Helen Wheels
Adam Wylie Pierce Wheels




Dwayne McDuffie

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