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Plantapocalypse appears in the second Cartoon Network Latin America Commercial promoting the Ben 10 marathon "Ben 10 Total Access".


Plantapocalypse is a plant with a yellow and white flower as a head. At the base of his stalk is a black 'pot', from which extend his many tentacle-like roots. Leaves can be seen gro

Plantapocalypse's base size.

wing from the roots. The Omnitrix symbol is on his 'pot'.

His voice is very high pitched.

Powers and Abilities

Plantapocalypse can ingest huge amounts of matter and use it to immediately grow in size. He is shown to be able to eat basically anything.

His tentacles are very strong, able to tear the tops off of buildings.


He does not seem to stop eating once he starts. It is very likely that Ben lost control of this alien once he transformed into it. He doesn't seem to have any problem with eating people either.


Ben used this alien against the Vreedle Brothers. However, he lost control over the alien and it continued eating until it became as large as the Earth.



  • Ben 10 Acceso Total Commercial 3 (first appearance)


  • By the end of the advert, Plantapocalypse stretches across the entire Earth. If he were canon, this would make him Ben's largest alien excluding potentially Alien X.
  • In the commercial, Plantapocalypse eats two pairs of the same Vreedle Brothers.
  • Plantapocalypse is somewhat similar to Audrey II from Little Shop of Horrors, as both are plant-like aliens who eat other beings to get bigger.

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