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Planchaküles[merch 1] are a species from Aul-Turrhen. Planchaküles are well known as great mechanics and builders.[DJW 1]


Planchaküles are small, reddish gremlin-like species with spade-like tails. Some of them grow facial hair.


Planchaküles live on a junkyard-like planet, which they are constantly disassembling and reconfiguring.[DJW 2]

When Planchaküles are bored, they like to fix things.[MW 1] They rebuild things to suit their needs.[DJW 3]


Planchaküles mostly eat organic food.[DJW 4]

Powers and Abilities

Planchaküles have the ability to completely disassemble any kind of machinery in mere seconds, fitting to their Gremlin appearance. Despite it being harder for them to do due to his craving to destroy things, Planchaküles can also construct complex machinery from scratch at a similar rate.

Planchaküles have enhanced strength for their size, as Juryrigg is able to break both a metal car brake in half[1] and some metal bars that even an Appoplexian could not break.[2]

Planchaküles have a degree of enhanced durability, as Juryrigg was able to withstand being thrown against a destroyed food truck by a stone creature.[3]

As in accordance with their break it/fix it attributes, Planchaküles boast an impressive intellect.[MW 2] Juryrigg in particular describes himself as "smart and stubborn".[4]

Planchaküles can dismantle and rebuild living mechanical species such as Chronosapiens.[DJW 5]

A Planchaküle's tail is prehensile.[DJW 6]


A Planchaküle's small size makes them unsuitable for hand-to-hand combat against larger opponents,[3] unless they happen to be machines, in which case, they can dismantle them in seconds.[5]

As mentioned above, Planchaküles have a near uncontrollable habit of breaking and assembling machinery.[1]

Most of the devices Planchaküles create are basically on-the-fly or 'jury-rigged'. They are not normally meant to last and will eventually fail. A Planchaküle's creations can also be unstable and hard to control.

Notable Planchaküles

Notable Planchaküle Hybrids


The name Planchaküle is derived from Plankalkül, a programming language designed for engineering purposes and is the first high-level programming language designed for computers.


  • The Galvan admire the Planchaküles' industriousness and skill, but prefer not to hang out with them too much after work.[DJW 8]
  • There has been multiple Master Builders, with the current one being a male.[DJW 9]



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