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Piscciss Volanns[1][2] are an amphibious species from the planet Piscciss.[3]


Piscciss Volanns have multiple gills and an antenna on their heads for deep-sea diving. When young, their teeth are external, but they become internal as they get older. Their bodies are covered in protective scales with claws on their appendages.

In Ultimate Alien, female Piscciss Volanns look exactly like males.[DM 1] However, it is unknown how they would look in the Original Series or Omniverse.


"It is well that we are not fishing for you, Magister. A Piscciss Volann will eat anything."
"We ain't picky, and that's a fact. Jaws that can slice through steel."

Rook and Magister Patelliday.[4]

Piscciss Volanns are not picky eaters due to their steel-bending jaws.[4]

Powers and Abilities[]

A Piscciss Volann's large jaws and sharp teeth are their most deadly weapon, being able to slice through steel.[4][5] Their jaws can also unhinge,[DM 2] allowing them to fit a large supply of objects in both their mouths and stomachs.[6][4]

Piscciss Volanns possess the distinctive ability to turn their legs into a fish's tail, giving them a merman-like appearance, and vice-versa. When their tails retract, they take the shape of a double-sided loincloth with a similar pattern to the tail's. Utilizing this power in underwater environments, a Piscciss Volann can swim at incredible speeds with amazing agility.[6] They can swim at such high speeds that they can create a vortex underwater.[7]

Piscciss Volanns possess sharp claws that can slice through the metal of Cyber Squids[8] and scrape solid rock.[9]

Piscciss Volanns have enhanced strength, as Ripjaws was able to easily punch a hole in a dock;[6][10] tear a door of the Perplexahedron open;[11] slam a Mechaneer into the ground hard enough to rock a nearby shipwreck; lasso an anchor;[4] and hold his own against Vulkanus while underwater.[7] They also has tremendous strength in their jaws alone, able to hold up a human in them.[10]

Piscciss Volanns are rather durable, as shown when Ripjaws was able to withstand being thrown against Sheelane's ship.[7]

Piscciss Volanns' bodies are built for the sea, as they exclusively breathe in water and can withstand the pressures of the furthest depths of Piscciss.[3] Like an anglerfish, they have a phosphorescent lure on their foreheads for attracting prey, but can also be used to illuminate dark areas.[12] Their eyes can glow as well.[10]


A Piscciss Volann's greatest weakness is that they cannot stay on land for too long. If a Piscciss Volann wants to stay on land, they would require water or cool temperatures[13] to keep them from dehydrating. If they don't have any way of keeping themselves hydrated for long enough, they could die. Exposure to extreme heat will cause Piscciss Volanns to dehydrate even quicker.[10][13]

Piscciss Volanns are vulnerable to electricity[6] and strong currents.[3]

Piscciss Volanns can be immobilized by ice, such as the ice breath of an Evolved Necrofriggian, as demonstrated with several Piscciss Volann guards.[3]

Notable Piscciss Volanns[]

Notable Piscciss Volann Hybrids[]


The name "Piscciss Volann" comes from the constellation known as Volans (shortened from Piscis Volans), which represents a flying fish.


  • A Piscciss Volann's luminescent lure resembles that of Melanocetus johnsonii, a real species of deep-sea anglerfish.
  • Piscciss Volanns have options to survive without water for longer periods of time, such as respirator devices worn around their necks that can supply water.[15]
  • According to Matt Wayne, the predator of Piscciss Volanns is Captain Kork.[MW 2] However, according to Derrick J. Wyatt, he is not, as he is not from Piscciss[DJW 2] and hasn't even eaten a single Piscciss Volann yet.[DJW 3]
  • Ben 23's transformation of a Piscciss Volann, Fish Fingers, was created after the show ended by Derrick J. Wyatt and Josh Perez. Derrick declined to specify whether it was conceived during or after production.[DJW 4] Thus, the wiki considers it non-canon and unofficial.


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