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Pinky is a female criminal whom Gwen met in juvenile hall with Missy, while she was trapped in Charmcaster's body.


Pinky's only appearance in the show is in the episode A Change of Face, and her appearance does not change in the episode. She has curly red hair, which she wears in a ponytail, and ties a grey headband around her forehead. She has brown eyes, and a mole on her right cheek.

She wears a dull olive green t-shirt under a white hoodie. Over that she wears a short, maroon-ish brown leather jacket. She also wears dull grey-brown pants tucked into calf-length black boots.


When Gwen asked her if she would reform should they escape, she and Missy made their choice to still continue their lives of committing crimes, showing her lack of interest in changing. After Gwen betrays them, Pinky was quick to swear revenge by promising a beating. She kept her word by beating up the real Charmcaster after she was locked up by Gwen.


She is the leader of their cell, and there are two rules she made: Rule 1 is that she is in charge. Therefore, what she says goes, and rule 2 is either obey rule 1 or get a severe beating. When it's lunchtime, Missy asked Gwen what she has in her hands, accusing Gwen of holding out on them, and Pinky was prepared to beat up Gwen, but Gwen outsmarts the two by throwing her food in their faces, causing a foodfight to happen. Pinky gets hit by the strong female prisoner's lunch when Missy ducked. She came up to Gwen and demanded the spellbook, only to get attacked by the Stone Birds before Missy and her friends get attacked also. When Crabtree fell in the trashcan, Pinky found Gwen's spell cool. During their janitorial duty, Pinky, along with Missy, distracted the guards by squirting at them with the hose. When Gwen manages to escape from juvie, she and Missy made their choice to still continue their lives committing crimes instead of reforming, so Gwen hands them over to the police by creating a pair of animals made of clay to hold them off until the police manage to arrest them. Pinky sworn revenge by saying "If I ever see you again, Princess, I'm gonna introduce you to ALL ten of my friends here!" Towards the end of the episode, the real Charmcaster ends up back in her body, and goes to the same juvie, leaving Pinky and Missy to beat her up for betraying them, with Pinky saying "Welcome back, Princess.", cracking her knuckles. Charmcaster was presumlingly beat up hard by her.


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