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Pierce Wheels[4] was a Plumber's kid and the leader of the Plumbers' Helpers.


Pierce is a human looking teenager, with several spikes coming out of his face and forearms. He has long brown hair, with a white streak in the middle.

In Alien Force Pierce wears a short-sleeved green and black jumpsuit, with boots and wrist bands.

In Ultimate Alien, Pierce wears an ID Mask to appear more human. His human form has lighter brown hair, along with more casual clothes, such as a yellow hoodie.

In Omniverse flashbacks Pierce wears a short-sleeved black jumpsuit, with gloves and a silver belt. This outfit was standard gear for the Amalgam Kids, when under the influence of Servantis. He is briefly seen in his pre-mutated form, which greatly resembles his mutated form, just without the spikes.


Pierce was level-headed, stern, tactical, and a natural born leader who holds the team together. Helen mentioned that it was always Pierce who kept them grounded, and Pierce who always made sure they were careful.[1]

Pierce is the mirror image of Ben,[5][1] both of them taking up the role of leader on their respective teams, and both of them being the calculative tactician who formulates the teams plans. On the first encounter between Ben's team and the Plumbers' Helpers, where both teams end up quarreling with their counterparts, Ben, who is the only one without a mirror counterpart, breaks up the dispute by saying "Hey! Stop it, all of you! What am I, your babysitter?!" which is exactly what Pierce would have said, which causes Helen to notice Ben and her brother's similarities.



Pierce was originally born as a human who was taken to the Null Void by Servantis. He used Kevin's powers and Argit to create Pierce's amalgam form. He, along with Helen, Manny and Alan formed a group, named the Amalgam Kids and they were used by to do "nasty things". After they failed in their ultimate mission, their memories were completely wiped by Servantis.

Years later, Pierce became part of a team of young Plumbers apprentices, the Plumbers' Helpers, which included him, Helen and Manny. However, he was accidentally sucked by a Null Void Projector they had confused with a disintegrator weapon. He met Max Tennyson who trained him and helped him in becoming a Plumber. Together, they protected the inhabitants from D'Void in the Null Void, gathering other Plumbers who were trapped/living there.

Alien Force[]

He worked with Manny and his adopted sister, Helen, before Plumbers' Helpers, trapping what they thought were dangerous aliens set out to conquer the Earth.

Unlike Manny and Helen, after sending someone with a Plumber Badge to the Null Void, he began to have doubts about what they were doing. However, before he could voice his concerns, he was believed to be killed when an attempt to destroy a DNAlien with the "Eradicannon" went wrong, this was later revealed to be false when the weapon they were using is shown is actually a Mark 1 Null Void Projector.

In Voided, it was revealed that Pierce was stuck in the Null Void and began working with Max Tennyson to protect its inhabitants from D'Void, gathering other Plumbers who were trapped/living there.

He also appeared in War of the Worlds: Part 2 helping against the alien threat by the Highbreed and when the battle was over, continued in his task and became a pupil of Max. He is also like the mirror of Ben Tennyson and often share the same views.

In Above and Beyond, Pierce acts as the leader of the Plumbers' Helpers on a mission to save Magister Max Tennyson from a rampaging Ben aboard a Plumbers' Space station in low orbit. Pierce is attacked by Goop. He is very respectful of Max, usually referring to him by his Null Void alias of "The Wrench" or by his Plumber rank of "Magister". He is shown to be a capable leader who believes in working as a team. He often clashes with Manny over his leader position, mainly due to Manny's brash personality. He and his team manage to overcome their differences and work together to defeat Ben as Humungousaur.

When they discover the space station they are on is going to crash into London, Pierce and the others realize the only way to stop it is to destroy the station before it enters the atmosphere. With their shuttle gone, Pierce and the others show they are willing to sacrifice themselves for the greater good. However, Max appears along with Ben and reveals the space station is a Plumbers' Training facility and that Ben's rampage was actually a test for them. Because of both their teamwork in defeating Ben and their heroic actions in trying to prevent the space station from hitting a major city, they are approved for training at the Plumbers' Academy and are sent to follow in the footsteps of their Plumber parents.

Ultimate Alien[]

Pierce human form

Pierce, wearing an ID Mask, moments before his death

According to Alan in Absolute Power: Part 1, Pierce had his powers absorbed by Ultimate Kevin. However, in Absolute Power: Part 2, he regained his powers when Kevin returned to normal.

In The Purge, Pierce was shown wearing an ID Mask when on a date with a girl, which is crushed by Forever Knights who expose him as an alien and order him to leave Earth. Stating that he is not willing and unable to leave the planet, they kill him on the spot.

Powers and Abilities[]

Pierce had the ability to grow thorns on his body. He could grow and retract them at will, as well as being able to shoot them as projectiles or break them off in order to use them as weapons.[6]

Pierce's thorns could also put others to sleep, similar to those of Argit.[2]

In spite of his physical appearance, Pierce's durability was above average. He was able to endure a full sized Humungousaur's tail attack.[7]

Pierce was also highly skilled in acrobatics and hand-to-hand combat, regularly using them in combination with his powers.

Pierce is more powerful than Argit, as he has a wider array of powers.[DJW 1]


The thorns on Pierce's body can become stuck in certain surfaces if he is not careful, giving him a disadvantage during a fight.

Pierce was weak to electricity, which ultimately cost him his life.[4]

Pierce's thorn projectiles may be useless against certain beings, such as Vilgax.[8]


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  • Pierce's real parents were killed in action.[DM 2]
    • However, it is not known whether this is still true, considering that his past and the past of his family was retconned in The Rooters of All Evil.
  • The crew behind Omniverse never discussed Pierce being alive during production.[DJW 2]
  • Pierce's Alien Force and Ultimate Alien appearance was designed by Glenn Wong, with color styling by Chris Hooten.[GW 1]
  • In Above and Beyond, Eugene Son wrote Pierce thinking of how any competitive guy would react to being around Ben Tennyson. In his words, "No one likes being number 2, but you either quit or you use it to motivate yourself to be better." He saw Pierce as that guy who didn't like being the second best Plumber and used it to motivate himself to become better.[ES 1]
  • Eugene and Matt Wayne were not involved with the decision making regarding Pierce's death.[ES 2] Eugene in particular was shocked by his death.[ES 1]


  1. In Alien Force and Ultimate Alien, Pierce was stated to be born a hybrid due to having an alien parent.[1][merch 1] As such, he was ½ human ½ alien. However, this is changed in Omniverse, as it is revealed that he was born human and Servantis used Kevin as a conduit to fuse his DNA with that of Argit.[2][3] As such, the distribution of his human and alien DNA is unknown.



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