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Pier Pressure is the sixth episode of Ben 10: Alien Force.


Out in the forest, a small alien is released from a spaceship. It wanders around and finds a truck. After merging with it (like Upgrade) it runs off and attacks the truck's owner.

At the tennis court, Ben watches Julie play tennis. She waves at Ben before she wins the match. Gwen then tells Ben to ask Julie to the pier for a date, which Ben does. Julie and Ben then agree to go the pier that night.

A police officer investigates the site where the truck was stolen. He checks and the driver says it drove off by itself, but the officer doesn't believe him. That is, until the alien merges with his police car and drives away, leaving him surprised. Ben tries to arrange for his date with Julie and Kevin arrives, having punched a hole in the back door. He agrees to drive Ben and Julie to the pier, but when they are in the car Kevin embarrasses Ben by teasing him. The alien follows them and tracks the Omnitrix.

Ben and Julie arrive at the pier to find it vacant. They have the place all to themselves, but Ben has to split up from her when the Omnitrix starts beeping. He leaves and the alien follows him. It merges with a bumper-car and attacks Ben, but Ben manages to take it down. The alien de-merges from the car and Ben takes cotton-candy to Julie as a cover.

Back at the ship, a hand grabs a device that shocks him. Ben and Julie try to take a ride on a plane, but the alien merges with it and attacks them. Ben locks Julie in a portable toilet and tries to turn into Jetray to defeat it. As he's about to transform, the pier shakes, causing the dial to switch to Brainstorm before he hits it. He manages to beat the alien and transforms back into Ben, only for it to merge with a new ride and attack him again. Ben falls through the pier and the alien kidnaps Julie, trying to take her to the ship.

Ben uses Jetray to chase after them and accidentally reveals his secret to Julie. The alien de-merges with the ride, and befriends Ben and Julie. They name it Ship because of the word it's chanting. Ship takes them to the ship and they find another Galvanic Mechamorph (who they later know as Baz-l) in pain, trapped under parts from his ship. Ben sees a bomb and predicts the explosion. He turns into Humungousaur and throws the bomb into space. Baz-l then reveals Ship is a part of him that he excreted so that he could find the nearest Plumber and it mistook Ben for one. Ben and Julie then help Baz-l fix his ship.

Baz-l fixes his ship and leaves for his home planet, leaving Ship with Ben and Julie. Dawn rises as they walk home. As Ship leaves, chasing after a truck, Ben and Julie hold hands.

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(Applause, Kevin wakes up)
Kevin: What did I miss?

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Ben: Great. My hair looks stupid, my shirt is wrinkled, and I have a zit the size of Kansas.
Kevin: Yeah? That's one big zit alright.
Ben: Ah! How did you get in here?!
Kevin: The usual way. Incidentally, you may wanna fix that hole I punched in your back door before your mother sees it.
Ben: You couldn't knock?
Kevin: I sorta did.
Ben: Has anyone ever told you that you're a strange and dangerous person?
Kevin: Constantly. (later) Knob's broken.

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Kevin: Now remember, Benny Boy, your mother and I want you home by ten o'clock sharp or you can't go to the disco.
Julie: Disco?
Ben: He watches a lot of reruns.
Gwen: Give him a break, Kevin.
Kevin: Gosh, pumpkin, what do you mean?
Gwen: You know exactly what I mean. At least when Ben likes a girl, he lets her know. He asks her out. Maturity. Isn't that a novel approach?
Kevin: Ben's got a girlfriend! Ben's got a girlfriend!

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Brainstorm: Eugh, I’m not Jetray, I’m a seafood platter. Hm…and apparently one possessed of a highly advanced intellect. Ergo, perhaps I should assign this new lifeform a more apropos nom de guerre, what say, BRAINSTORM!

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Baz-l: Yes, well as I was saying, before I lost consciousness I exuded this symbiote. The one you call 'Ship' — thank you — and sent it off to find the nearest Plumber.
Julie: Because your sink is clogged?
Ben: No, the Plumbers are intergalactic police officers. (Julie gives him a weird look) ...I'll explain later. And that's why it came after me.
Baz-l Well, of course. Didn't you receive its distress signal?
Ben: You mean...the beeping?
Baz-l: ...Yes, that beeping. (narrows eye) Don't you know how that works?!
Ben: Not so much, no.
Baz-l: Really. Aren't you a plumber?
Ben: I thought you were.
Baz-l: (mutters) I'm going to spend the rest of my life here. (exasperated) Look is there anyone else I can talk with?!

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Ben: Wait, what about this thing? (referring to Ship) Doesn’t he blorp back into your body or something?
Baz-l: Blorp. That's not how it works.

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Naming and Translations

Language Name Origin
French Panique à la fête foraine Panic at the fair
Hungarian Mólónyomás Pier Pressure
Portuguese (Br) Confusão no Cais Confusion At The Pier
Spanish (HA) Presión En El Muelle Pressure In The Dock
Spanish (Spain) Acoso En El Muelle Harassment In The Dock


Voice Actor Role(s)
Yuri Lowenthal Ben Tennyson
Truck Driver
Ashley Johnson Gwen Tennyson
Carol Smith
Greg Cipes Kevin Levin
Dee Bradley Baker Brainstorm
Vyvan Pham Julie Yamamoto
Rob Paulsen Baz-l
Cotton Candy Vendor


  • Baz-l says "And you wonder why most aliens only communicate with your livestock," referencing the reports back in the day that aliens have stolen and eaten farmers' livestock.
  • Ship went chasing cars after this episode.[DM 1]


Dwayne McDuffie

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