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It's hard to imagine if something as fragile looking as crystal, could be stronger than steel.

Azmuth narrating Alien World short.[1]

Petrosapiens,[1] sometimes shortened as Petros,[2][3] are a species of silicon-based lifeforms from the planet Petropia. They have two factions; the surface Petrosapiens and their Subsapien ancestors.

They are distantly related to the Antrosapiens.


Petrosapiens are made of a green/blue diamond-like material. They are a little taller than humans. They have four digits on their hands and none on their feet.

Surface Petrosapiens are shown to be lean and thin, with square bodies and limbs. Their sharp edges are chiselled like carefully crafted sculptures.

Subsapiens, however, are much larger. They have wide bodies with thick limbs. Some Subsapiens have crystal growths on their foreheads resembling pompadours.


The surface Petrosapiens split from their Subsapien ancestors long ago, moving to the surface where they built an advanced space-faring civilization.

The Subsapiens remained underground in the deep substrata of Petropia, unaware of the beauty above them. Cut off from the rest of the universe, the Subsapiens fight violent wars for territory in the deep caverns. They are unaware that their wars are actually being manipulated by the Antrosapiens even deeper beneath the surface. Azmuth believes that the Subsapiens may soon break out onto the surface of Petropia before the Antrosapiens strike and take everything for themselves.

Eventually, after the two factions became exhausted by their endless civil war, the Antrosapiens launched a surprise sonic attack, destroying the crystalline weaponry of their foes. Begrudgingly, the Subsapiens allied themselves with their surface cousins to survive the greatest threat to their species. They constructed a war machine capable of absorbing the Antrosapiens' sonic attacks and redirecting them as a powerful energy blast, successfully dealing a devastating blow to the Antrosapiens, from which it will take eons to recover.

Petropia would later become under siege by a Fulmini invasion party, leading to all three factions to join forces and protect their planet. By creating the Vox Petropia, the Fulmini were quickly driven off, and all three were finally at peace.

The Petrosapiens went to Appoplexia for a break after the war against the Fulmini. After they arrived, they used crystal constructs to keep the Appoplexians entertained.

Powers and Abilities[]

A Petrosapien's body is composed of extremely thick organic green crystals, giving them crystallokinesis. They have the ability to manipulate the atomic structure of their physiology at will, allowing them to form them limbs into diamond weapons such as blades and bludgeons. They can also perform weapon manifestation and body alteration. Moreover, they can control all crystals they generate.

Petrosapiens can generate monstrous and large clusters of crystals from the ground, even from a distance. They can conjure and form walls and ramps that they can slide upon, as well as shields and helmets.[4]

Petrosapiens can reshape their projectiles into limited shapes. They can also form gaping hands to capture enemies.

A Petrosapien's body resembles a living prism, allowing weapons similar to lasers to be refracted and rendered useless.

Petrosapiens are able to absorb various forms of energy, primarily light waves.[DR 1] For example, they and their crystal constructions are capable of absorbing, reflecting, and redirecting lasers.[5][6]

Petrosapiens can absorb electricity, such as that generated by Shock-O[7] and lightning.[8]

Due to the natural density of crystal, Petrosapiens are extremely durable and can withstand physical impacts such as a Piscciss Volann's bite.[9]

Petrosapiens have enhanced strength.

Petrosapiens have enhanced dexterity, being able to make additional fingers appear on his hands.[10]

Because they are made out of organic crystals, Petrosapiens are immune to aging, as crystals do not age.[merch 1]

A Petrosapien's crystalline body makes them highly resistant to, and capable of absorbing, solar heat.[DR 1] This allows them to operate under a hot desert sun without issues.[11]

Correlating with their heat resistance, Petrosapiens can be empowered by fire, such as those generated by a Pyronite.[12]

Petrosapiens do not give off body heat, making them impossible to track by body temperature.[13]

Petrosapiens can turn their fingers into sharp claws which they can extend at varying degrees, as demonstrated by AntiVilgax.[9]

Petrosapiens can release crystals from their mouths like vomit.[14]


There is a limit to both Diamondhead's strength and durability, as shown when Crystalfist cracked his fists after punching a boulder that was too durable.[15]

There is a limit to how strong a Petrosapien's crystals are, as shown when Bashmouth cracked and destroyed some of Diamondhead's crystals with enough force from his metal teeth.[16]

Although Petrosapiens can regenerate limbs, they cannot recover damage that are too severe, as demonstrated with Tetrax.[17]

The two shards on a Petrosapien's back can leave them stuck on a wall or other surfaces that they get knocked into.

Since their bodies are made of diamond, Petrosapiens can sink in water.

Petrosapiens can be ensnared by ice.[18]

A Petrosapien's crystal shard projectiles can damage things like balloons and glass.

Petrosapiens are not as fast or energetic as Appoplexians.[19]


Petrosapiens have ships that can fly them across their planet.

Alongside the Antrosapiens, Petrosapiens created the Vox Petropia.

Notable Petrosapiens[]

Surface Petrosapiens[]

  • Unknown (the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Surface Petrosapien)
  • Surface Petrosapien Leader
  • Surface Petrosapien Researchers


Notable Petrosapien Hybrids[]


  • The Subsapiens represent natural, uncut crystals. The surface-dwelling Petrospiens represent furnished and sculpted crystals, like those found in jewelry.
  • The Petrosapien species in the Reboot continuity have not been exterminated, unlike their counterpart in the Classic continuity.


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