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Petrosapiens[1][2] are a species of silicon-based lifeforms[3][4] from the planet Petropia.[5][4]


Petrosapiens are made of a super-hard, green/blue diamond-like material.[MW 1] They are a little taller than humans. They have four digits on their hands and none on their feet.

Male Petrosapiens have a spike on the back of their semi-cubic head and two to six on their back with thicker, blockier arms; females have smooth flat-top heads. Young females do not have spikes as early as males,[pop-up 1][6] while adult females may have two small ones on their backs with slimmer, sleeper arms[7]

Young Petrosapiens have smooth shoulders and do not yet have blocky limbs. Elderly Petrosapiens tend to look more worn and cracked, and sometimes have facial hair-like spikes.[7][TP 1]

There are many different races of Petrosapiens - each with different gem-like colors and shapes.[pop-up 2][8]


TSoC (581)

The Petrosapien race restored

The Petrosapien race originally dwelled beneath Petropia's crystal surface in underground cities.[pop-up 3][7]

At some point, Vilgax arrived on Petropia. He started to enact a plan to take control of the planet and its citizens. Due to there already being so much infighting between the various Petropian races, it was easy for him to manipulate them.[pop-up 4][7] He later sought the help of young local bounty hunter Tetrax Shard to steal for him the Petropia Back-up Crystal: "the last piece of the puzzle" needed to start an invasion of the planet. However, the citizens of Petropia did not submit to Vilgax and rejected him. Thus, Vilgax destroyed the entire planet, killing everyone and making Tetrax one of the very last living members of his kind.[7][pop-up 5][9]

Many years later in shame, Tetrax managed to revive Petropia's guardian Sugilite through Ben Tennyson's alien form Chromastone, as well as generating a new back-up crystal in the process. After Vilgax fought with them after it, Ben managed to get the crystal and used it to completely revive Petropia, and the Petrosapien race.

Powers and Abilities[]

Petrosapien bodies are composed of extremely thick, pale green silicon crystals. They have the ability to manipulate the structure of their physiology at will, allowing them to form their limbs into crystalline weapons such as blades and bludgeons. Moreover, Petrosapiens can control all the crystals they generate, to the point that they can make them explode on contact or levitate them off the ground.[10][DM 1] by controlling microscopic mineral particles in the air.[merch 1] Petrosapiens can fire crystal shards sequentially out of the palms of their hands, or morph their entire hands into spikes for easier firing.[11] Petrosapiens can also make additional crystal constructs grow out from their bodies and limbs, and then retract; fast enough to break out of the grip of a being multiple times their size, strong enough to dig into the ground, and sharp enough to slice a falling tree cleanly in half.[8] They can also create crystals immune to sound attacks.[12]

Petrosapiens can cause crystal formations to grow rapidly from underneath the ground and erupt to the surface, even at a distance. Using either this method, or by firing crystal shards that grow into which,[13] they can conjure monstrous and large clusters of crystals in the form of walls, shields, ramps, or giant gaping hands to capture enemies; all of which are independent from their bodies. Being that they can grow these with great speed, Petrosapiens can stand on their emerging crystals as they create them to launch themselves in the air or ride on like a board.[14]

Petrosapiens are capable of encasing enemies in crystals,[15] and can create crystals inside of objects and cause them to spike out, as demonstrated by Tetrax.[7]

Petrosapiens can also change the shape and size of their arms and hands without forming more crystals on top. They can extend their arms very far, which allows them to create ramps for others or to propel themselves upwards by pushing against the ground.[16][17] They can also easily regenerate broken pieces of their bodies.[18]

Apart from just forming weapons attached to their bodies, Petrosapiens can also create independent, fully-formed crystal objects, such as an anchor on a chain,[12] a boomerang,[7] a shield,[19] and a sword.[20]

A Petrosapien's crystalline body resembles a living prism, allowing them to deflect and absorb most energy beams[CN 1] up to and including the full energy of an orbital plasma cannon.[merch 1] This allows them to render weapons similar to lasers useless by simply refracting.[pop-up 6][8][11] Similarly, rays generated by dimensional transporter devices will reflect off of a Petrosapien's body.[21][22] However, there is a limit to the amount of energy they can absorb.[DR 1]

Petrosapiens are quite strong,[MW 2] as Diamondhead was strong enough to be a match for Rex and his BFS,[21] drag a cage holding a Gracklflint across Undertown,[23] hold open Slamworm's mouth,[18] and break his own crystals.[17] They can also dig very well through solid surfaces by turning their arms into sharp spikes, seen when Diamondhead unearthed Corrodium from under the floor of a building.[24]

Due to the natural density of crystal, Petrosapiens are extremely durable to most weaponry and physical impacts, as Diamondhead withstood being punched from Galvan Prime all the way to Galvan B by Malgax. This incident also shows that Petrosapiens can survive in the vacuum of space.[25]

Petrosapiens can survive underwater.[2]

Petrosapiens can quickly burrow through the ground.[26]

Because they are made out of crystals, and diamonds age very slowly, Petrosapiens are effectively immune to time rays that accelerate their aging. Ben learned this when being saved from Eon's time rays by Ultimate Ben using Diamondhead's powers.[27] Petrosapiens are also immune to the acid from a Slammoid.[18]

Because Petrosapiens are super dense silicon-based aliens, they are immune to Xenocite possession.[28]

Petrosapiens are resistant to fire and heat, such as that generated by a Pyronite, much like an ordinary diamond.[29]

If under the effects of a cold virus, Petrosapiens are able to sneeze out tiny sharp crystals from their mouths. It is unknown if they can do this when they are not sick, however.[4]


Petrosapiens are especially weak to sonic vibrations, such as from a Loboan's sonic howls[30], or an Evolved Sonorosian's Sonic Disks,[31] both of which can render him unconscious. Tetrax also used a vibrating device to completely disassemble Diamondhead's body, although this left him conscious.[4]

If a Petrosapien's body becomes completely disassembled, they are unable able to regenerate themselves.[4]

Some Petrosapiens have two shards on their backs, which can leave them stuck on a wall or on other surfaces that they get knocked into.[32]

Petrosapiens can be trapped in crystal, as demonstrated by Vilgax using the Petropia Back-up Crystal to trap Tetrax.[4]

Petrosapiens can be affected by the cold virus.[4]


Petrosapiens have specialized crystal-based technology. Some of this tech was present in The Resolute's scanning room, and allowed Tetrax to virtually scan and dissect such complicated devices as the Omnitrix.[pop-up 7]

Notable Petrosapiens[]

Notable Petrosapien Hybrids[]

Non-Canon Petrosapien Hybrids[]


The name Petrosapien comes from "petra" meaning rock and "sapien" meaning intelligent being.


  • While Petrosapiens are resistant to fire, ironically real diamonds, being the only gem made of pure carbon, are known to be highly flammable under the right conditions.
  • Petrosapien diamond bears a resemblance to Taydenite, though they are not made of it and their crystals have no real value.[DJW 1]
  • The revival of the Petrosapiens in The Secret of Chromastone was first hinted at by Dwayne McDuffie on March 29, 2009, when asked if it was possible for the Omnitrix to revive the Petrosapiens.[DM 3]
  • In Derrick J. Wyatt's opinion, Petrosapiens' ability to levitate crystal prisms, make explosive projectiles, and absorb energy were probably due to some storyboard artist who was not familiar with their powers.[DJW 2]


  1. During Season 2 of Alien Force, in Vengeance of Vilgax: Part 2, Chromastone's remains were shown fusing with the Omnitrix, which transformed Ben into Diamondhead. Dwayne McDuffie and merchandise stated that Chromastone had "merged" with Diamondhead, the latter specifying that their DNA had "fused".[DM 2][merch 2] In The Secret of Chromastone, Chromastone was revealed to be residing within Diamondhead, before he was promptly freed by Tetrax and the two transformations returned to being separate. However, it is unknown if Diamondhead was still merged with Chromastone after this episode during the rest of his appearances in Alien Force and Ultimate Alien.



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