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Welcome, explorers and omni-planetary travelers. To the crystalline jewel, Petropia. Home of Diamondhead's Petrosapien people.

Azmuth narrating Alien Worlds short

Petropia is the home planet of Petrosapiens, Subsapiens, Antrosapiens, and Crystalsapiens.


Petropia is an icy planet, surrounded by a belt of icy asteroids.


For a long time, the Petrosapiens lived in harmony on the surface- an advanced and peaceful species prospering with their advanced technologies. Meanwhile, the Subsapiens fought deep underground in perpetual civil wars- puppeteered by the Antrosapiens residing much much deeper beneath the surface.

Eventually the Antrosapiens attacked, and the Petrosapiens were forced to make an alliance with the Subsapiens to prevent both races from being dominated. They co-engineered new technology to fight in this war, and successfully fended off the underground invaders. Now allies, the two races spent the following eons rebuilding their destroyed societies while the Antrosapiens slowly regenerated and plotted their revenge.

However, while all three races were weakened, the planet was invaded by the Fulmini seeking to plunder the world's resources to rebuild their own. The Petrosapiens, Subsapiens, and Antrosapiens all allied together this time—again building new weapons of war—to fend off the Fulmini lest all three face imminent extinction. Thanks to the Vox Petropia, a new incredibly powerful supersonic weapon capable of cleaving a Fulmini warship in half in a single shot, they won the battle and the Fulmini retreated, leaving all three to thrive together.

Ben 10[]

In Ben 10 Versus the Universe: The Movie, Omni-Naut Jetray arrived somewhere above Petropia after he exited the portal.

Notable Inhabitants[]

People of Petropia

All three races together

Notable Visitors[]


Ben 10[]

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  • The natives of this planet are collectively known as Petropians.
  • Unlike its Classic counterpart, Petropia was never destroyed.
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