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But let's do this in your dreams.

– Pesky Dust before putting Charles Zenith to sleep.[1]

Pesky Dust is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Nemuina from the planet Nemunimos IV.


Pesky Dust is a short, fairy-like alien with blue skin. He has purple fairy-like wings, pink spots and blue hair that sticks straight up. Pesky Dust wears a green dress-like outfit with black zigzags, the bottommost one of which is slightly asymmetrical. His hands have three fingers with white gloves on them and his feet have two toes. His eyes are green with feminine eyelines and has pink markings on his cheeks and chin.

Pesky Dust wears the Omnitrix symbol on his chest.

Powers and Abilities[]

Pesky Dust is capable of flight and possesses enhanced speed and agility thanks to his fairy-like wings. He can also leave behind a green trail[note 1] while flying.

Pesky Dust can release a special kind of dust that makes his victims fall asleep, such as Zaroffians,[3] Pugnavores,[1] Polymorphs, Galvanic Mechamorphs,[DJW 1] Chronosapiens, Ectonurites,[DJW 2] and even Celestialsapiens[DJW 3] and Ultimate Kevin.[DJW 4]

Pesky Dust can enter and examine the dreams of other beings, which can be used as a form of interrogation or extracting information from a victim.[3] However, they must be affected by Pesky Dust's sleep dust in order for him to enter their dreams.[DJW 5]

Pesky Dust can control the dreams of multiple victims at once.[DJW 6]

If Pesky Dust were to keep dousing a victim in his sleeping dust, they would end up sleeping forever.[DJW 7]

Pesky Dust can manipulate a victim's dreams, causing them to have nightmares instead.[1]


Pesky Dust's abilities would be useless against technological or robotic opponents, who cannot fall asleep or have dreams. He can also be affected by the abilities of other Nemuinas.[DJW 8]

Members of Gutrot's species are immune to Pesky Dust's sleeping dust.[DJW 9]

Pesky Dust is quite small and is not suited for melee combat.[4]

Being a Nemuina, Pesky Dust is weak against his natural predator.[DJW 10] His predator have a small secondary brain cluster which allows it to continue hunting even when the primary brain is asleep.[DJW 11]




Season 2[]

Season 4[]

Season 8[]

Naming and Translations[]

Language Name Origin
Bulgarian Пески Дъст From the original English name
Chinese 粉尘仙子 From 粉尘 (Fěn Chén), dust, and 仙子 (Xiān Zǐ), fairy
French Casse Pied From casse, broken, and pied, foot
German Elferich
From Elferich, dated term for a male elf
From nerven, to annoy or nerves, and staub, dust
Greek Ενοχλητικόσκονη From ενοχλητικός, pesky, and σκόνη, dust
Italian Polvere Fastidiosa From polvere, dust, and fastidiosa, pesky
Polish Chochlik From chochlik, pixie
Portuguese (Br) Pesky Dust From the original English name
Romanian Pesky Dust From the original English name
Russian Эльфина
Фея Зануда
From эльф, elf
From фея, fairy, and зануда, wimp
Spanish (HA) Molestolvo From molesto, pesky, and polvo, dust


Pesky Dust's name is a play on the words "pesky" and "pixie dust".


  • The design for Pesky Dust came from Lillimusha DiForestini, drawn by Steven Choi or Chap Yaep. Meanwhile, Derrick J. Wyatt came up with his name.[DJW 12]
  • Pesky Dust's appearance is similar to that of Tinker Bell's from Peter Pan.
  • Pesky Dust's abilities are similar to those of Jigglypuff from Pokémon.[DJW 13]
    • Depsite this, said powers execution is more akin to the move Sleep Powder (and likely either Dream Eater/Nightmare) from the same franchise, none of which Jigglypuff can learn.
  • Pesky Dust is one of four aliens unlocked by Driba and Blukic; the other three being Walkatrout, Mole-Stache, and The Worst.[4]
  • In his first appearance, Pesky Dust shared the same voice as Ben due to the Omnitrix malfunctioning. The out-of-universe reason was because the crew originally did not envision him as a usable alien for later episodes.[DJW 14]
    • Pesky Dust's voice was eventually changed to a high-pitched, trilling, feminine voice in For a Few Brains More because the crew liked how he turned out.[DJW 15]
    • As such, he is the only transformation besides Upgrade to share the same voice actors as both versions of Ben Prime.
  • Khyber is afraid of Nemuinas like Pesky Dust[3] and considers the dream he was entrapped in during For a Few Brains More to be his worst nightmare.[DJW 16]
    • While Kai thinks Pesky Dust is cute, Ben considers his Pesky Dust dangerous and considers "nobody to mess with".[1]
    • Ben prefers Pesky Dust to Mole-Stache.[2]
  • Similar to Astrodactyl, Pesky Dust makes a sound when he talks. This sound is like a trill, chirp, whistle, or purr.
  • Albedo is unable to transform into Pesky Dust.[DJW 17]


  1. Alternate versions of Pesky Dust are shown leaving trails in different colors. For example, Nighty Knight's trail is colored blue.[2]


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