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This article is about the episode. You might have been looking for the planet.

Perplexahedron is the fifth episode of the second season of Ben 10: Ultimate Alien, and the fifteenth episode overall.


Ben, Kevin and Gwen race Aggregor through a mysterious artificial planetoid designed to destroy anyone who enters.[CN 1]


Azmuth contacts Ben on the Ultimatrix and is not happy with him for failing to stop Ultimate Aggregor from claiming three of the four pieces to the Map of Infinity. When Ben tells Azmuth that scolding him is not going to help, Azmuth agrees and then teleports Ben, Gwen, and Kevin to the Rust Bucket 3 in another galaxy, in which they find the Perplexahedron, a giant cube-like artificial planet. Moments later, they spot Aggregor approaching the planet.

PH (103)

Perplexahedron's artificial gravity

The group chases Aggregor, but he is able to successfully get in using his three pieces of the Map of Infinity and the group is able to get in there as well, but barely. Gwen cannot track Aggregor, and they are going through random doors that seem to defy gravity. Ben gets Gwen to leave a trail of mana on the floor and it shows the hallways are moving down to random rooms. When Kevin punches the locked door, it activates its security system. Ben tries to transform into Chromastone, but he transforms into Humungousaur instead.

Gwen manages to destroy the lasers, but then they encounter a big, white humanoid robot, which they easily defeat. They encounter another trap, which is a wind tunnel and Ben, Kevin, and Gwen are separated. Gwen fights more security drones and encounters Aggregor (who simply ignores Gwen). When the room Ben and Kevin are in is flooding, Ben transforms Ripjaws to free them. The next room they go in becomes filled with acid and Ben transforms into Spidermonkey and barely manages to save himself and Kevin. Gwen and Aggregor keep going through the Perplexahedron, where they keep encountering security, but Aggregor easily destroys the traps. Soon, they come into a room where it is snowing and Aggregor finally gets tired of Gwen when she tries to get his attention, so he hoses her into a wall, where she freezes solid where she stands.

Ben transforms into Swampfire and manages to thaw Gwen from her frozen prison and she and Kevin kiss. Before they go back to wandering aimlessly in the moving maze, Ben explains that he's deciphered a pattern with the guards. The Perplexehedron allows free passage with automatic doors that seal when the traps are activated, but the question raised in that regard was "What would a death trap need with guards?" He summarizes that the whole point of guards is to be protecting something important people normally wouldn't be allowed anywhere near (which in this case would be the Map piece). So, they decide their best bet is to exclusively find and go through all the doors where the guards appear, and the Map is as good as theirs. Their effort yields promising results until they finally reach the Sentinel, the keeper of the final piece of the Map of Infinity, in the center of the Perplexehedron. He presents the gang with the final piece of the Map of Infinity, which is revealed to be his crown, and reveals he knows a lot about Aggregor's plan. He tells Ben that his mission in protecting the final piece has succeeded and that the Perplexahedron has fulfilled its purpose. The Perplexahedron begins to crumble and Aggregor appears and beats the Sentinel for the Map of Infinity. Ben transforms Cannonbolt and Aggregor is able to defeat him, but Cannonbolt becomes Ultimate Cannonbolt and brutally attacks Aggregor for his crimes. But Aggregor is still unbeatable and fights off Cannonbolt, then takes the last piece of the Map of Infinity and Cannonbolt transforms back into normal. Ben, Gwen, and the Sentinel are picked up by Kevin and the Sentinel is unhappy at Ben for his failure to not protect the Map of Infinity, his final words being "all is lost" before he fades out of existence. The team still vows to stop Aggregor once and for all, before he puts his plan into motion.

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  • Turbo
  • Thracius


Gwen: What's the plan?
Ben: I'm thinking...
Kevin: We are in trouble.

Ben: No it isn't, you're yelling at us and telling us how stupid we are, that's not helping us to find Aggregor so it's not important.
Azmuth: (livid) Ben Tennyson you are... (relents) absolutely correct.
Kevin: He is?
Gwen: He is.

Ben: How do we find Aggregor?
Azmuth: (sigh) The last piece of the map is in a location designed to protect it from all unworthy... (shows a cube) The Perplexahedron. I'm sending you there now. Do not fail the universe again, Ben Tennyson.
Ben: No pressure. (they teleport)
Kevin: (after teleporting) That's the way to travel.
Gwen: (looking at the monitor) Azmuth just teleported us to another galaxy.
Ben: Where's the thing we're supposed to protect? Can you find it?
Gwen: (the spaceship goes into the midst of darkness) The Perplexahedron?...(looks up) Yeah, finding it is not a problem.
(View zooms out and shows the whole planet)
Ben: (shocked) That can't be right, that thing is huge!
Gwen: How are we supposed to know what to do next?
Ben: (monitor rings) I don't know.
(looks on the monitor then into the midst of space and see Aggregor coming into the planet)
Ben: Maybe we should ask him.

Kevin: You ever get the feeling the exact same thing has happened to you before?
Gwen: Deja vu?
Kevin: Gesundheit.

Ben: We keep moving. That's all we can do. (Then, the doors are all locked.) All we could do- doors locked.
Gwen: (pushing at a door) Mine too. Bet they're all locked.
Kevin: Bet I don't care.
(Kevin shapes his hand into a ball with spikes and smacks the door) (The door lights up)

Ben: (After seeing the lasers come closer) Lasers call for Chromastone!
(transforms into Humungousaur)
Humungousaur: Humungousaur! (to the Ultimatrix) If you're gonna give me the wrong guy all the time, why do you even have a dial?

(After the guard hits Humungousaur)
Kevin: (coincidentally) Yes!
Humungousaur: This makes you happy?

(As the room fills with water)
Kevin: I'm assuming you have a plan?
Ben: As long as the Ultimatrix works, I do!
Kevin: So, no plan really.

Kevin: We still don't know where Gwen is.
Ben: Don't worry, she can take care of herself.
Kevin: I know, that's part of why I like her. Doesn't mean I don't want to take care of her anyway.
Ben: Sometimes its hard to believe you're that same little kid who used to try to kill me every week.
Kevin: Well, you probably had it coming.
Ben: I'm serious though, we were arch enemies and now you're like the big brother I never had.
Kevin: I remember, I was trying to kill you before you made me nauseous with all the sincerity.
Ben: Yeah, okay. I guess there's a reason guys don't talk about this stuff. Unless you... wanna talk about this stuff?
Kevin: (sighs) Okay, I like the Kevin that Gwen sees when she looks at me. And I like that you gave me another chance, even after I messed up all those other ones. I guess I'm sayin' I owe you guys for changing my life.
Ben: Thanks for sharing that with me Kevin. When Gwen hears about-
Kevin: It never happened.

Gwen: Don't ignore me! Come back!
(runs after Aggregor and walks into a new room filled with snow)
Gwen: Hey, I'm talking to you!
Ultimate Aggregor: But I have no interest in anything you might say.
(Gwen wraps mana around him causing him to stop but Aggregor easily breaks out and walks off. She continues to throw mana at him but fails again)
Ultimate Aggregor: You amuse me less and less.
(Extends out arm and shoots water at Gwen causing to fly back)
(Gwen grunts and rolls in the snow and gasps as she sees Aggregor in front of her)
Ultimate Aggregor: I have a map to find.
(Aggregor walks away)
(Gwen gasps as she begins to freeze in ice)
Gwen: Aggrego-!
(Gwen completely freezes)
Ultimate Aggregor: And you have problems of your own.
(Aggregor leaves through a door)

Swampfire: He's trying to say he really likes you.
Gwen: I know that already.
(Gwen kisses Kevin)
Swampfire: Why don't you guys get a room?! This place is full of them!

Naming and Translations[]

Language Name Origin
Hungarian Perplexahedron Perplexahedron
Polish Pomyłkohedron Mistakehedron
Portuguese (Br) Perplexaedro Perplexahedron
Romanian Perplexahedron Perplexahedron
Spanish (HA) El Perplexahedron The Perplexahedron
Spanish (Spain) El Perplexahedron The Perplexahedron


Voice Actor Role(s)
Yuri Lowenthal Ben Tennyson
Ashley Johnson Gwen Tennyson
Greg Cipes Kevin Levin
Dee Bradley Baker Spidermonkey
Ultimate Cannonbolt
John DiMaggio Aggregor
Jeff Bennett Azmuth


  • This episode's plot and setting are similar to the 1997 film Cube.


  • When Azmuth berates the team for failing to stop Aggregor from getting three pieces of the Map of Infinity, the area of the Ultimatrix with the tubes is light grey instead of blue.
  • When Ben inspects another walkway to see if the mana discs Gwen left behind line up, the disc at the edge of the walkway the team came from is halved, while the disc at the edge of the walkway Ben is looking at is whole.
  • When Ultimate Aggregor forms a disc on his hand, he looks thinner than usual.
  • When Humungousaur touches a wall, the ripple effect is first shown to be near the edge, but in the next shot, it is near the middle of the panel.
  • When the Perplexahedron Guard moves towards Humungousaur, Humungousaur's toes are colored beneath the outline of the floor panel.
  • Before Ben transforms into Ripjaws, the Ultimatrix has the same color as his skin.
  • In one shot, Ultimate Aggregor's right hand is miscolored.
  • When Gwen gets frozen, she has her mouth open but in the next scene, she has both her upper and lower teeth joined together and the front of her hair had drooped down.
  • When Gwen is about to kiss Kevin, Swampfire's head is layered above his neck.
  • Despite previously admitting to having a fear of spiders in Vengeance of Vilgax: Part 2, Gwen does not show any reaction towards the spider that crawls all over Ben.
  • When Cannonbolt becomes Ultimate Cannonbolt, the Ultimatrix symbol doesn't gain the four spikes until after the transformation is finished.
  • The last piece of the Map of Infinity keeps vanishing and reappearing.


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