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Penny Bennyson[1] is Ben Tennyson's babysitter who made her debut in Bad Penny.


Penny is a tall female with brown hair, who wears a blue shirt with white stripes and red shorts. She has a red bow on her head and wears a yellow backpack where she keeps her hygiene equipment. She also wears a pair of red flat shoes.


Penny can be overprotective when it comes to babysitting Ben, even if the activities he partakes in do not seem harmful. She is willing to do whatever it takes to keep him out of danger, even if it risks her own life. After seeing Ben defeating the Bugg Brothers she lightens up a little and now respects Ben's adventurous Spirit. She has mysophobia.


She has been Ben's babysitter since he was six.

During the events of Bad Penny, she followed Ben and Gwen around during the Pig Parade, preaching safety to prevent Ben from getting hurt. After learning about the Omnitrix and Ben being a hero, she helped him fight against the Bugg Brothers so Ben wouldn't get harmed before being rescued by Diamondhead. She later enjoyed the Parade with Ben and Gwen.

The Tennysons later visited her and her grandfather Mac at their farm during the events of Beware the Scare-Crow, giving Ben a few rules about the place as he tries to avoid boredom. Due to Aristocrow's doing, Ben mistakenly assumed she was the scarecrow that kept attacking him before realizing Steam Smythe was hiding in the corn field. They later made up to each other before the Tennysons' departure.


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  • Her last name, Bennyson, as well as her grandfather named Mac, are a parallel to Ben's last name being Tennyson and his grandfather being named Max.
  • The official synopsis for Bad Penny lists her full name as "Penny Heaven".[2]


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