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Pattersonea is the homeworld of the Gimlinopithecus.[OV Brief 1]


Pattersonea orbits a massive Class B blue-white star, and notably has a relatively weak magnetic field.[OV Brief 1]


Pattersona is constantly bombarded by its star's mass, which gets released as stellar winds. As the winds hit the planet on its "day side", they almost completely compress the planet's magnetic field, leaving the surface exposed to lethal radiation.[OV Brief 1]

Conversely, on the "night side" of the planet, temperatures drop to freezing.[OV Brief 1]


The inhabitants of Pattersonea make use of its very slow rotation speed, so that by adopting a nomadic lifestyle, they can migrate across the planet and remain in the habitable twilight zone between the high radiation and the freezing temperatures. Fortunately, the long night is illuminated by shifting auroras; a side effect of the stellar winds.[OV Brief 1]

The Gimlinopithecus are especially suited for braving the dangers of the planet, as their thick fur and electric fields protect them from both the cold side and irradiated side, respectively (though only temporarily in the electric fields' case).[OV Brief 1]

Known Inhabitants[]


The name shares a similar reference to the Gimlinopitecus, which comes from the Patterson-Gimlin film.


  • Pattersonea is like "Ontario, without Toronto".[MW 1]
  • Pattersonea has a large maple syrup industry.[DJW 1]


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