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Parallelogram "Parry" Vreedle is a Vreedle who first appears in Vreedlemania.


Parallelogram is a muscular Vreedle with shaggy black hair and beard, a slightly hunched neck, small legs, and a red heart tattoo on his left arm that has an arrow sticking out of it and bears Ma Vreedle's name in white. He has dark yellow and black fingerless gloves and wears a furred sleeveless brown shirt covered in black straps that holds studded orange shoulder pads, two orange grenades on the top left, and is yellow in the top right. He also has black shoes with gray soles and orange pants held by a black and dark yellow belt.


He does not speak and uses grunts to communicate. He does not appear to be very intellectually bright.


In Vreedlemania, Parry is seen assisting Pa Vreedle and Sceles in stealing Taydenite from the Great Vault of Sulcus. Parry is the one that was driving their vehicle, but nearly loses control after Pa Vreedle accidentally attached an explosive device to their vehicle. Parry then hears how Pa Vreedle has to go speak with Ma Vreedle. Later, Parry is seen just outside the entrance to Undertown reading a map that leads to Ma Vreedle's house. Eventually, Parry, Pa Vreedle, and Sceles arrive and Ma Vreedle isn't too happy to see them (mainly Pa Vreedle). However, Pa Vreedle managed to calm down Ma Vreedle with a piece of Taydenite and she happily accepts him back along with Parry and Sceles.

Later, the Vreedles start to wreak havoc in Bellwood, and Parry went with Pa Vreedle to Billions Tower. It turns out that Parry and Pa Vreedle thought the large golden sign of Billions Tower was foiled wrapped chocolate. Parry took a bite out of it but didn't like the taste and dropped the sign. Ben transformed into Bullfrag to prevent the sign from landing on the people. Parry was later seen dragging a gas truck which actually disappoints Octagon and Rhomboid, thinking they are weaker.

Soon, Parry went back to Ma Vreedle's house with Pa Vreedle and Sceles to steal all of Ma Vreedle's Taydenite. Ma Vreedle arrives and is visibly upset at them. Parry was knocked down by Kickin Hawk but, soon, he, Pa Vreedle, and Sceles escaped with all of the Taydenite. However, Parry and Sceles showed disdain after hearing Pa Vreedle attached a device to the car, knowing that he ended up attaching it to their vehicle yet again. The explosive device goes off but Parry, Pa Vreedle, and Sceles continue to drive away.



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Derrick J. Wyatt

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