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Paradox's Failure Timeline was a possible future that the Prime Timeline was leading toward, one that Paradox himself lamented that if he failed to stop the Trans-Dimensional Creature, this would be Earth's 'best' possible future. The event shown takes place in 200 years from now.



In this alternate timeline, Professor Paradox failed to stop his former lab assistant, Hugo, from rapidly aging the world during Paradox.

Alien Force[]

In Paradox, the present Paradox took Ben, Gwen and Kevin to witness Earth state, where they met a future parallel version of Paradox, who lamented at his failure to save the world. Paradox took the team back to the accident, where Humungousaur saved Hugo, preventing this future from happening.

Notable Inhabitants[]

  • Professor Paradox
  • Trans-Dimensional Creature

Notable Visitors[]


Alien Force[]

Season 1[]

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