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Pakmar is but a simple merchant, trying to provide for his wife and... 487 children, but Ben Tennyson makes this impossible!

– Pakmar complaining to Max.[1]

Pakmar is a recurring character in Omniverse.


Pakmar is a little green alien with warts on his face. His eyes are on the side of his face similar to birds. Pakmar wears a small black suit with silver armor.


From what little is seen of Pakmar's personality, he is the type to hold a grudge, particularly against Ben whom he holds responsible for the destruction of his many businesses, even spitting in Ben's direction.

Pakmar will never turn down a customer, especially "good" ones, even when that customer is Ben. He always speaks in third person.

Ben's constant (albeit accidental) destruction of his businesses, has left Pakmar with extreme paranoia whenever he sees Ben, fearing that he might destroy one of his new businesses again. For example, just seeing Rook's truck made him run away.[2]



Pakmar first appears in The More Things Change: Part 1, where Ben finds that the toilet emporium he ran was destroyed by Bubble Helmet, Liam, and Fistina under Psyphon's orders.

In Of Predators and Prey: Part 1, Ben visited Pakmar's pet store so that he could find Khyber's whistle by trying out several alien dog whistles as Wildmutt. The store was destroyed during Ben's battle with Khyber and Zed.

In Showdown: Part 1, Pakmar was driving his barbecue truck when Ben and Rook tried to put out the fire. Rook ends up shooting at one of the truck's tires, causing Heatblast and Pakmar to fall into a lake. After being rescued by Heatblast, Pakmar instructs Humungousaur to put down his truck only for he and Rook to be suddenly teleported to Galvan Prime by Azmuth. Pakmar is veyr angry by this, as the teleportation took most of the truck with them.

In Showdown: Part 2, Pakmar complained to Max about his destroyed barbeque truck, leading the latter to discover that Ben and Rook are no longer on Earth.

In Ben Again, 11-year-old Ben (displaced in his 16-year-old body) visited Pakmar's china shop along with Gwen and Rook to find clues left by 16-year-old Ben (displaced in his 11-year-old body). After drilling through to his basement as Armodrillo, Young Ben accidentally opens a sewer pipe and causes the entire store to flood, once again ruining Pakmar's business. Due to the Bens restoring the timeline using Clockwork, the events of this incident were aborted.

In Special Delivery, Pakmer was running his china shop when Ben delivered a package to him, accidentally knocking over and smashing several vases.

In Bengeance Is Mine, Pakmar was running his sponge shop when the Forever Knights take their battle with Water Hazard and Rook there. The shop is flooded during the fight, allowing the Foeever knights to escape.

In Catfight, Pakmar was running his yarn shop when Rath demolished the shop while riding on a big ball of yarn and under the control of Nyancy Chan.

In Collect This, Pakmar was running his lamp store when it was unceremoniously destroyed by Kickin Hawk while he was playing soccer.

In The Vengers, Pakmar was running his juice bar when it was saved by the Vengers. The bar was later destroyed during by Billy Billions fighting against Captain Nemesis.



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  • A running gag in the series is that in most of his appearances, Pakmar's current place of business gets destroyed either directly or indirectly by Ben. This has lead Pakmar to develop a hatred for Ben and panics whenever he sees the hero.
    • His toilet emporium is the only one of his business to be located in Bellwood.
  • Much like Mr. Baumann, Pakmar's business or property gets accidentally trashed by Ben.
    • However, Mr. Baumann actually likes Ben deep down, unlike Pakmar.[DJW 2]
  • Pakmar's children were born in different litters.[DJW 3]


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