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Overflow is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Cascan from the planet Cascareau in the Andromeda Galaxy.


Overflow is a red metallic alien. He has two containers filled with water on his head and has black mask-like markings around his green eyes. He has two tubes of water reaching from a respirator where his mouth should be to his back, and his forearms are filled with water. He has black three-fingered hands and two black toes on each foot. His armor is made of Serpent Glass.[1]

Overflow wears the Omnitrix symbol on his chest.

Powers and Abilities

  • Hydrokinesis
  • Hydrokinetic Flight
  • Enhanced Speed
  • Enhanced Strength
  • Underwater Breathing/Speed Swimming
  • Underwater Water Generation
  • Underwater Vortex Generation

Overflow has enhanced durability thanks to an armored exoskeleton that protects his body from damage. He can also withstand strong water pressure.[2]

Overflow has a degree of enhanced strength, being able to lift Frightwig and twirl her around.[3]

Overflow can launch pressurized water blasts from the tanks on his forearms. He can use these to propel himself by spraying water downwards.

Overflow can create weapons out of his water, such as blades[2] and whips, the latter of which has been demonstrated by Undertow.[4]

Overflow is able to breathe underwater and swim at high speeds. He also has amazing agility and great endurance.

Overflow can manipulate water into different states of matter.[DR 1]

Overflow has a small degree of cryokinesis, as he can create structures made of ice.[DR 1]


  • Electrocution
  • Vulnerability to Magic
  • Flooding

If Overflow shoots water at an electric device, he can be shocked while shooting, since water conducts electricity.[5]

Overflow can be harmed by magic, as shown when he was incapacitated by one of Hex's spells.[6]

Overflow can accidentally flood a train car if he releases too much water.[7]


Ben 10


Ben 10

Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Video Games

Ben 10

Overflow is a playable alien character in the game. Overflow is initially unavailable, but is unlocked towards the middle of the The Hive level. Overflow is able to launch himself from specially designated platforms via water propulsion to cross long distances.

Overflow's Ultimate Ability consists of him punching the ground to unleash three water geysers at enemies. Overflow is vital for progression on the The Hive and the The Canyon levels of the game.

Naming and Translations

Language Name Origin
Arabic أوفر فلو From the original English name.
Bulgarian Водна Струя From водна, water and струя, jet
Danish Overflow From the original English name.
Dutch Overflow From the original English name.
French Lance L'O From Lancelot
German Overflow From the original English name.
Hungarian Overflow From the original English name.
Italian Acquaspruzzo From acqua, water and spruzzo, spray
Korean 워터 크러쉬 From 워터, water and 크러쉬, crush
Norwegian Overflow From the original English name.
Polish Turbin Wodny From turbin turbine and wodny, water
Portuguese (Br) Enxurrada From enxurrada, flash flood
Romanian Overflow From the original English name.
Russian Оверфлоу
From the original English name
From Vodyanoy
From вода, water and хлестать, slash
Spanish (HA) Overflow From the original English name.
Spanish (Spain) Overflow From the original English name.
Swedish Overflow From the original English name.
Turkish Su Tankı From su, water and the fiji hindi word tanki, water tank


  • Overflow resembles Water Hazard but with water visible in his design. His hydrokinetic power set is also very similar.
  • Overflow's voice has a slightly muffled echo, and the sound of water-bubbles popping is heard whenever he appears on-screen.
  • Despite being replaced with Rath beginning in Season 3, Overflow might possibly return in a future season.[DR 2]
    • If Overflow were to appear in Season 4, his Omni-Kix form would possibly have armor matching the suit used by other Cascans on Cascareau.[DR 3]


Crew Statements

Duncan Rouleau

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Introduced in Season 2 RathShock Rock
Introduced in Season 3 HumungousaurSlapback
Introduced in Season 4 Jetray
Introduced in Season 5 Way Big
Omni-Enhanced Aliens CannonboltDiamondheadFour ArmsGrey MatterHeatblastOverflowStinkflyWildvineXLR8
Omni-Kix Aliens CannonboltDiamondheadFour ArmsHeatblastHumungousaurJetrayRathShock RockSlapbackXLR8
Omni-Naut Aliens HeatblastJetrayHumungousaurShock Rock
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