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Oryctini[merch 1] are a beetle-like species from Coleop Terra.


In Ultimate Alien, Oryctini resembled metallic humanoids. They were mostly dark blue in color. They had silver serrated mouths that took up most of their upper body and back; the rest of their head was on top and could swivel from side to side.[1] It consisted of two eyes, a very tall horn in front, and a much shorter one in back. They also had a silver belt indented in their waists, matching wristbands and soles, four claws on each hand, and the inside of their mouths were green.

In Omniverse, Oryctini are much more beetle-like, having grey skin with dark green spiked armor running from their face down to their back, and also on their arms and legs. They have overbites, with their grey jaws being more rounded and toothy, and hinged to their face by two spikes. They have blue tongues, and their longer and shorter horns now switch places, with the longer one having forks at the top, making it resemble that of a Japanese rhinoceros beetle. They now have two toes on their feet, and only three fingers on each hand.

Powers and Abilities[]

Similar to Gourmands, Oryctini have the ability to eat just about anything[DJW 2] and then convert the materials' matter into energy to shoot a green laser beam out of the slot on their horns. The beam is powerful enough to cut a floating mountain of Legerdomain in half[2] and even hold down a Lucubra-enhanced Vilgax.[1]

A Oryctini's jaws are very strong and can be used to chew up various resilient materials, like metal.[3]

Oryctini have enhanced strength, as Eatle was able to crush Carl Nesmith's glove,[4] grab a Ship-enhanced Julie before pushing her through several walls of her house without stopping,[5] and rip off the bumper of Kevin's car.[3]

Oryctini have enhanced durability, as seen when Eatle was able to withstand Carl's glove's laser, which was able to injure a Chronosapien and kill a human with a single shot,[4] as well as an entire building from Dagon's dimension falling on top of him.[1]

Oryctini can run very fast, and in addition to shooting lasers, their horns can also be used as a very effective battering ram; both of these feats were shown during Eatle's fight with Vilgax.[1]

Oryctini can scale up walls, as shown when Eatle clambered up Charmcaster's machine..[2]


If their horns are grabbed, Oryctini will become paralyzed.[1]

Oryctini may unaccountably try to eat something against their interests, such as when Eatle tried to eat the remains of the Tenn-Speed.[6]

Oryctini are weak against their natural predator.[DJW 3]

Notable Oryctini[]


Oryctini is a taxonomic tribe of rhinoceros beetles.



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