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Oryctini[merch 1] are a beetle-like species from Coleop Terra.


In Ultimate Alien, Oryctini resembled robotic humanoid insects with some shark-like characteristics. They were dark blue, almost purple, and light blue in color. They had long horns on the top of their heads connected to a shorter protrusion on the back of their heads and large mouths that spread over part of their chests. They also had a silver belt, matching wristbands, oval-shaped eyes, and the inside of their mouths were green.

In Omniverse, Oryctini are more insect-like than shark-like. They have upper lips completely covered by their lower lips, different teeth, blue tongues, and horns with forks at the top, causing them to resemble that of a Japanese rhinoceros beetle. They have two-toed feet and spikes on their arms and the backs of their legs, as well as two longer ones on either side of their mouths. Their color scheme has also changed: their blue is switched to gray, their torsos are now green, and their back shells and armor are dark green, almost black.

Powers and Abilities

Similar to Gourmands, Oryctini have the ability to eat just about anything[DJW 2] and then convert the materials' matter into energy to shoot a green laser beam out of the slot on their horns. The beam is powerful enough to cut a floating mountain of Ledgerdomain in half[1] and even hold down a Lucubra-enhanced Vilgax, as demonstrated by Eatle.[2]

Oryctini can run very fast, and in addition to shooting lasers, their horns can also be used as a very effective battering ram; both of these feats were shown during Eatle's fight with Vilgax.[2]

An Oryctini's jaws are very strong and can be used to chew up various resilient materials, like metal.[3]

Oryctini have enhanced durability, as seen when Eatle was able to withstand Carl Nesmith's glove's laser, which was able to injure a Chronosapien and kill a human with a single shot,[4] as well as an entire building from Dagon's dimension falling on top of him.[2]

Oryctini have enhanced strength, as Eatle was able to crush Carl's glove,[4] grab a Ship-enhanced Julie before pushing her through several walls of her house without stopping,[5] and rip off the bumper of Kevin's car.[6]

Oryctini have sharp claws that can help them climb up walls, as shown when Eatle clambered up Charmcaster's machine. They are also quite agile, as Eatle could quickly jump over a stone creature and up to the machine.[1]

Oryctini appear to have unbreakable limbs, as Eatle was able to safely use both of his arms while battling Carl despite Ben's right arm being broken at the time.[4]


Oryctini originally had a blind spot due to their eye placement, making them very easy to sneak up on.[2] They now lack this weakness as of Omniverse, however, as their eyes are much farther apart.

Unlike Gourmands, there is a limit to how much solid matter Oryctini can consume, as Eatle found it impossible to completely devour Charmcaster's machine.[1]

Oryctini may unaccountably try to eat something against their interests.[7]

Oryctini are rather heavy, so their weight may serve as a problem when they are fighting on short or slim objects.[8]

Oryctini are weak against their natural predator.[DJW 1]

Notable Oryctini


Oryctini is a tribe of rhinoceros beetles.



Derrick J. Wyatt

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