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Orthopterrans[merch 1] are insect-humanoid-like aliens.


Orthopterrans are all "grasshoppers, crickets, locusts, and wetas".[DJW 1]

Powers and Abilities

Due to their relatively large and muscular legs, Orthopterrans are able to jump extremely large distances. Their legs can also kick with considerable force, making them offensive weapons in close-quarters.

The resulting shock waves created by an Orthopterran's jumping are strong enough to push through a large number of Mutant Ants should they get on top of them, as demonstrated by Crashhopper.[1] They are also powerful enough to crack concrete.[2]

An Orthopterran's head is hard as steel and full of shock-absorbing viscous matter that cushions the impact on their internal organs.[DJW 2]

Orthopterrans possess enhanced strength, as Crashhopper is capable of lifting and throwing a Muroid.[3]

Orthopterrans can combine their strength and jumping, as seen when Crashhopper bounced Milleous around.[4]

Orthopterrans can propel themselves forward by pushing themselves off walls, effectively jumping off walls.[5] They are also quite agile.[6]

The claws on an Orthopterran's arms and legs can dig into hard surfaces, allowing them to scale walls and other tall structures.[7]


Orthopterrans are vulnerable to being trapped by a member of Mucilator's species, as shown when Crashhopper got himself in and was unable to escape Mucilator's sticky goo sacs on his own.[1][8]

An Orthopterran's body is not as shielded as it looks; when a Contumelia ship missile struck Crashhopper, he started to stroke his head and feel great discomfort from the impact.[9] Furthermore, he was easily hurt by punches from Princess Looma.[10]

Orthopterrans cannot jump from high altitudes, as Crashhopper was unable to jump from Khyber's ship to Bellwood because it was too high up in the sky.[8]

If their legs are hit correctly, Orthopterrans will move backward automatically, as demonstrated with 17-year-old Mutant Kevin.[11]

Notable Members

Notable Hybrids


Orthoptera is an order of insects primarily including grasshoppers, crickets, locusts, and wetas.



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