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Orishan are a species of naturally armored molluscan aliens from the planet Kiusana in the Andromeda Galaxy.


Orishans are a red mollusk-like species. They have two large eyes in Ultimate Alien and four slitted and rectangular eyes in Omniverse. They have small grey spikes and black spots on the back of their legs and shoulders. Their mouth is similar to that of a crab's.

Orishans have portholes on their four-clawed hands.

Orishans have hoods over their heads, with a retractable visor. Their hood is also retractable.

Powers and Abilities

Orishan can launch pressurized blasts of water through the portholes in their hands. These blasts normally consist of hot water,[1] though they can change the temperature of their water powers from hot to cold. Using these same portholes, they can absorb moisture, including from the air.[2]

Orishan are extremely durable, being able to withstand crashing into a wall seemingly painless.[3] They have armored exoskeletons that protect their body from damage, including physical attacks, thereby making them completely invulnerable.[4][5]

Orishan have enhanced strength, enough to throw Buglizard into a nearby wall[6] and punch craters into a concrete floor.[7]

Orishan appear to be immune to gases, as Water Hazard was unharmed by Buglizard's yellow spray.[6]

Similar to Kinecelerans, Orishan have retractable visors hidden under their hoods.[8] Their hoods are also retractable.[DJW 1]

Orishan can produce sharp streams of water and use them as whips.[9]

Orishan can jump exceptionally high.[7]

Orishan can breathe underwater,[DM 1] as demonstrated by Ultimate Aggregor during his visit to Piscciss.[10]

Orishan can manipulate different sources of water, including normal Earth water,[ES 1] into a variety of shapes.[7]


Orishan can slip on certain surfaces, such as a Polymorph's goo.[11]

Although an Orishan's armored exoskeleton allows them to feel little to no physical pain, there seems to be a limit to the exoskeleton's durability, as Water Hazard felt pain from hitting his head against a pipe.[3]

If they are thrown into a location, an Orishan can accidentally fire their water blasts. For example, Water Hazard told Pakmar that "he didn't mean to [shoot water]". [3]

Orishan are vulnerable to energy attacks and intense heat, such as that generated by a Prypiatosian-B.[12][13]

Orishan can be frozen by a Necrofriggian's ice breath.[14] Similarly, they can be ensnared by an Evolved Arachnichimp's webs, as demonstrated with Bivalvan.[15]


Orishan glass is known to be the best to adapt multiple atmospheres.

Notable Orishans

Notable Orishan Hybrids


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