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Opticoids are a species from the planet Sightra.[note 1]


Opticoids are tan-colored, reptilian/humanoid creatures. They have at least seventeen eyes scattered across their muscular upper body. Their face consists of only a mouth and two bat-like ears that dominate most of their head, which can easily be mistaken for eyes to the uneducated individual. Their legs are slightly bulky, and they have four fingers and three toes. Their entire skeleton is made of cartilage, not bone.

Opticoids can grow little tentacle whiskers like the Galvan.[DJW 1]

Females have a slimmer build and a more voluptuous figure, their ears having feminine eyelashes.

Powers and Abilities

From any of the eyes on their torso, Opticoids can launch energy beams, of color that varies depending on the color of their eyes.

An Opticoid's eyes can move throughout their body and merge to create different types of beams, such as merging three on their shoulder to fire a freeze ray that encases and immobilizes a target in ice on contact.[1] Their eyes can shoot green fire blasts and sticky goop as well.

By closing all of their other eyes, or by merging all of their other eyes into that one area, a larger eye will open on an Opticoid's chest and from it, they can launch a more powerful optic blast. They can also stretch their bigger eye out of their chest on a stalk to better point it towards a target.[2]

Opticoids' insect-like vision gives them 360-degree vision, making it extremely difficult to sneak up on them.[1] Furthermore, they can smell and see trails of certain chemicals with their vision, as shown when Eye Guy was able to see the trail of Mr. Baumann's cologne.[3]

Opticoids are capable of performing acrobatic and gymnastic feats, as well as jumping several feet high. They has good reflexes as well, capable of dodging incoming attacks.


If an irritant gets in their eyes, Opticoids will be unable to see clearly, in addition to their eyes burning. As they have eyes over the majority of their bodies, they are more vulnerable to being exposed and hurt by irritants. Their eyes can be briefly blinded by Gracklflint venom.[4] However, they can quickly recover from irritants in their eyes and is only briefly hurt by them.

An Opticoid's large ears makes them sensitive to high-pitched noises, such as those of an Evolved Sonorosian's Sonic Disks.[5]

Opticoids' insect-like vision becomes a weakness when they see something or someone that they have a fear of.[6]

Notable Opticoids

Notable Opticoid Hybrids


The name Opticoid is a play on the word "optical", meaning related to eyes.


  1. On July 4, 2009, Eye Guy's page was edited by anonymous user, claiming that he was an Opticoid from the planet Sightra. This page was later created on September 14, 2009 by another anonymous user, and the page for Sightra was created on October 19, 2009 by a user named The Ultimate Necrofriggian. No source for Opticoid or Sightra was provided in any of these instances, and they were not mentioned in any official media or merchandise. However, in FusionFall, released in 2009, Eye Guy was mentioned as being a Scleran.[FusionFall 1] The master brief for Omniverse would later call Eye Guy an Opticoid from the planet Sightra,[OV Brief 1] thus canonizing them as his species and planet, respectively.


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