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|name = One Man's Trash
|name = One Man's Trash

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One Man's Trash is a comic from issue 44 of Cartoon Network Action Pack.


Ben, Gwen and Kevin are in a mine with a Miner. They soon reach a ship which appears to be 10,000 years old (According to the Miner). Ben turns into Lodestar and opens the hatch to the spaceship. Then he, Gwen and Kevin enter the ship.

Upon entering, trash goes up to their knees. Kevin moves off further inside the ship and Lodestar and Gwen stay behind. Gwen says that it looks like Ben's room, to which Ben states that it isn't that messy. Kevin comes back with something he calls a "hat" on his head, which really is a piece of trash. They come to the ship's generator. Ben (as Lodestar) comes up to a control pad, but doesn't know how it works so turns into Brainstorm. He uses the control pad, while talking in a very scientific language. An alien rat comes up behind them and punches Brainstorm. Kevin absorbs metal and punches the rat while Gwen starts shooting at the creature.

Suddenly, they all start sinking in the trash. The rat starts to get away. Ben turns into Rath. Ben rescues Gwen and Kevin and runs off to defeat the rat. Rath and the alien fight each other, with the alien having the upper hand. Rath attempts to turn into Ultimate Rath, but fails since there is no Ultimate Rath. Rath gets mad and throws the alien into an air lock. Since the ship is underground, it would be a good place to trap it. Rath shuts the airlock and comes back (in human form) to Gwen and Kevin. They find the bridge, and discover a cat-like alien who was waiting for the creature to go away. The cat-alien said that the trash was not trash, but his "collection". The ship flies off, and Gwen states she's going for a shower, while Ben says he's going to tidy his room. The comic ends there.


  • Rat Alien
  • Miner



  • Rat Alien

Aliens Used


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