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One Man's Trash is a Ben 10 comic story published in the Cartoon Network Action Pack series (based on the Ultimate Alien era of the show), published by DC and Cartoon Network. This comic appears in issue 57 of the series.


Ben, Gwen and Kevin are being lead through a mine-shaft by a miner or expert. They soon reach an ancient ship which appears to be ten thousand years old (according to the miner), and was only found in the last few days after starting to make noise. Ben turns into Lodestar and opens the hatch to the spaceship.

Upon entering, the trio find that trash goes up to their knees. Kevin moves off further inside the ship while Gwen grills Ben for the similarities to his messy room. Kevin takes them to the ship's generator which he found. Ben (as Lodestar) comes up to a control pad, and so turns into Brainstorm to know how to work it. He uses the control pad, to pull up a map, but before they can get much use out of it, an over-sized alien rat comes up behind them and launches Brainstorm. Kevin absorbs the ship's metal and punches the rat, while Ben and Gwen start zapping energy at the creature.

Giving chase, they suddenly all start sinking in the trash, as though it was quicksand. The rat starts to get away, and so Ben turns into Rath), (now happy to not speak using complicated words) Rath and the alien fight each other, with the alien having the upper hand. Rath attempts to use the Omnitrix to transform into Ultimate Rath, but it fails (according to Ben there is no Ultimate Rath). Rath threatens the Omnitrix to better have Ultimate Rath somewhere inside it, and gets mad, throwing the alien into an air lock. Thinking that since the ship is underground, it would be a good place to trap it. Rath shuts the airlock and comes back (in human form) to Gwen and Kevin, who had missed the fight.

The three find the ship's bridge, and discover a cat-like alien, who awoke yesterday after ten thousands years of 'hibernation stasis', trapped waiting for the rat monster to leave. The alien said that the trash they were wading through was actually not trash, but his "collection" (to which Kevin thinks means he's a compulsive hoarder). As the ship flies off, Gwen states she's going for a shower, while Ben says it's about time to tidy his room.



  • Rat Alien
  • Miner Expert
  • Alien Hoarder



  • Rat Alien

Aliens Used


  • At the end of page 7, Gwen's speech bubble appears as though it's intended to go to Rath.
  • Pages 8 and 9 are reversed (on both the individual Action Pack issue, and the collected 'Classics: Powerless' version), making the story nonsensical.
  • Ultimate Rath was said not to exist by Ben, but later after release, Omniverse introduced the character for Albedo.


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