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This article is about the extinct species. You might have been looking for the Nemetrix DNA sample.

Omnivoracious were a bird-like predatory species from the planet Galvan Prime. The Omnivoracious were the natural predators of the Galvan before their extinction due to a meteor and subsequent climate change on Galvan Prime.


The Omnivoracious were a tall, purple prehistoric emu-like species. They had a long, sharp toothed beak and four eyes.


Fossilized Remains

The Omnivoracious were once the dominant species on Galvan Prime, but a meteor struck the planet and destroyed most members of the Omnivoracious.

Surviving Omnivoracious continued to roam, but died due to the following change in climate on Galvan Prime millions of years ago, eventually leaving the Galvan the dominant species.


The Omnivoracious preyed on Galvans and other native inhabitants of Galvan Prime.

Powers and Abilities

The Omnivoracious were fast runners.

The Omnivoracious possessed sharp claws and beaks.

The Omnivoracious had high intelligence, as they were the only predator the Galvans were unable to outwit and defeat with their small size.

Notable Omnivoracious

  • Omnivoracious (the Nemetrix's DNA sample of an Omnivoracious)
  • Wild Omnivoracious (remains, deceased)
  • Ancient Omnivoraciouses (deceased)


Omnivoracious comes from the prefix omni-, meaning all, and voracious, meaning driven to consume large amounts of food. This means Omnivoracious roughly translates to "driven to eat anything".


  • The story behind the Omnivoracious extinction is reminiscent of how dinosaurs are thought to have been wiped off of Earth.
  • Omnivoracious were known as the swiftest, fiercest, most cunning and determined predator in the known universe, according to the Galvan.
  • Despite their extinction, their legacy lives on in the memory of the Galvan. Omnivoracious remains are in fossilized records as shown in an exhibit at the Galvan Historical Museum.
  • With the rest of the Omnivoracious species long extinct, the Nemetrix sample of the fossilized Omnivoracious is, technically speaking, the only living Omnivoracious left in the universe.
  • The DNA of an Omnivoracious seems to last for an incredibly long time since Khyber was able to obtain some from a fossilized skeleton that was millions of years old.
  • In Store 23, Driba used a phrase, "A Wild Omnivoracious Chase", which is similar to "A Wild Goose Chase" and used in the same way.
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