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Omnivoracious is the Nemetrix's DNA sample of an Omnivoracious from Galvan Prime.


Omnivoracius has a greyish ostrich/emu/cassowary/stork/crane-like body with spiky purple feathers covering her head, body, thighs, wings and three tail feathers. Her beak is long, bluish silver and serrated at the top and sides, which resemble teeth. She has red eyes with black pupils. Her legs bend backwards and right below her knees there is a dark claw on the inner side, she also has three claws on her foot with the inner one being raised.

The Nemetrix is located on her spiky collar at the start of her neck.

Powers and Abilities[]

Omnivoracious is a fast runner.

Omnivoracious can fly due to her wings.

Omnivoracious possesses sharp claws and beak.

Omnivoracious has high intelligence, as she is the only predator the Galvans are unable to outwit and defeat with their small size.






Season 3[]

Khyber's Panuncian[]

Season 4[]

Naming and Translations[]

Language Name Origin
Italian Omnivorace Translation of the original name
Polish Wszystkożarłacz From Wszystko, all, and żarłacz, voracious
Portuguese (Br) Omnivoracio Translation of the original name
Russian Всеядоптерикс From всеядный, omnivorous and археоптерикс, Archaeopteryx
Spanish (HA) Omnivoracious From the original name.


The name Omnivoracious comes from the prefix "omni-", meaning all, and "voracious", meaning willing to consume large amounts of food. Overall, Omnivoracious means "willing to eat anything".

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