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Omnitrix Unleashed is a Ben 10 game on the Cartoon Network website. This is also a badge game (a game you can play in order to win badges on the website).


Omnitrix unleashed game controls


Use the arrow keys to move and select an alien. Use the space bar to use your alien super power. Press X to jump, Z to attack and C to choose your alien.


Basically, use your aliens' powers to defeat the Negative 10. You can collect extra lives, health tokens and energy tokens as you go along. However Ben gets a nasty electric shock ever time he gets attacked.

Omnitrix unleashed game instructions


Play Here

Playable Aliens

  • Benwolf (unlocked from the first level)
  • Eye Guy (unlocked from the second level)
  • Four Arms (unlocked from the third level)



  • This game is the first of the two that has the name of the device that Ben uses and the word unleashed. The second is Ultimatrix Unleashed. Also, you can use only 3 aliens in each game - without counting the 3 ultimate aliens in Ultimatrix Unleashed.
  • You can earn badges in this game if you:
    1. Use a super move.
    2. Beat level 1.
    3. Collect 3 Sumo Slammer cards.
    4. Beat the game.
    5. Beat the game with at least 3 lives left.
    6. Get all the badges for Omnitrix Unleashed.
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