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The Omnitrix Key,[JW 1] also known as the Omni-Kix Key is a key that upgrades the Omnitrix. It is currently inside the Antitrix.[DR 1]


The Omnitrix Key is a white and black colored key with a grey end, which glows green when ready to be used.


The User must insert the Omnitrix Key into the Omnitrix to upgrade the Omnitrix. Ben originally inserted the key incorrectly, which only unlocked the Omni-Kix Armor, designed for tech. After Phil re-inserted the key in its proper position, it unlocked the Omni-Naut Armor, designed for space travel, in addition to the previous upgrade.

When Vilgax stole the key and inserted it into the Antitrix, it allowed him to transform into Alien V, even without the Antitrix on him.


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Season 4


  • The Omnitrix Key unlocking Celestialsapien DNA in the Antitrix is a reference to the Ultimatrix Security Keys unlocking Alien X in the Ultimatrix.[DR 2]
  • In Summer Breakers, when Ben and Gwen are speculating about what the Omnitrix Key might be, Gwen says "What if it's new alien tech that unlocks new aliens?" and "Maybe it will enhance your aliens like before". Ben says, "Or maybe it can shapeshift into a rocket and launch me up into space!". Their predictions foreshadowed the existence of the Omni-Kix and Omni-Naut Armors and the key's ability to unlock Alien V in the Antitrix.


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