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Omni-Naut Heatblast is the Omni-Naut Armor version of Heatblast.


Omni-Naut Heatblast is a fiery humanoid wearing orange and grey space armor. He has white metal wings with green neon energy at the edge. His right hand is grey while his left hand is turned into a fire cannon with yellow outlines. His feet are colored black with green neon outlines. He also has neon lights on his shoulders. His head has a secondary Omnitrix symbol on his face.

The Omnitrix is located on his chest.

Powers and Abilities

Omni-Naut Heatblast shares the same abilities as his default form, namely his pyrokinesis.

Similar to his Omni-Kix counterpart, Omni-Naut Heatblast can use the flamethrower on his left hand to shoot fireballs or a stream of flames.

Similar to his Omni-Enhanced counterpart, Omni-Naut Heatblast can fly using his jetpack.

Omni-Naut Heatblast can survive in the vacuum of space thanks to his armor.


Omni-Naut Heatblast's fireballs can be deflected by someone with as much power as Azmuth.



Ben 10

Season 4


  • Omni-Naut Heatblast was first revealed as a toy.
  • Omni-Naut Heatblast's fire cannon is very similar to that of Omni-Kix Heatblast.
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