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I think you've unlocked the next level from the Omnitrix. This modification is clearly meant for flight.

Phil to Omni-Naut Jetray.[1]

The Omni-Orbital Flight Suits,[2] also known as Omni-Naut Armors, are space armor-related power ups and expansion of the Omni-Kix Armors in Season 4 of Ben 10. It was unlocked in Ben 10 Versus the Universe: The Movie.

Concept and Activation

Like the Omni-Kix Armors, the Omni-Naut Armors use high-tech armor that amplifies the aliens' abilities. Additionally, Omni-Naut Armors allow the aliens to survive in the vacuum of space.[1] For aliens with a natural space survivability, the armors give them added protection.[DR 1]

Besides space, Omni-Naut Armors can also be used while in aquatic environments.[DR 2]

Turn 90 degrees more

The armor activates when the alien goes Omni-Kix by turning the Omnitrix symbol 90 degrees. The user can then upgrade the armor into Omni-Naut Armor by turning the symbol another 90 degrees. Furthermore, the armor automatically activates when the user is in space.[DR 3]

The helmets have a high-tech holographic interface that analyzes what is in front of it, highlighting the figure in a constellation-like outline.

Omni-Naut Armored aliens are able to activate and deactivate their jetpacks at will.

Omni-Naut Transformations

OmniNaut Ben icon.png


  • Omni-Naut Armor Ben and Omni-Naut Heatblast's designs were first revealed as toys.
  • The coloring of the Omnitrix symbols bears a resemblance to the Classic Timeline Omnitrix symbols used since Alien Force.
  • The robotic sound effect played when an Omni-Naut alien talks is similar to Galvanic Mechamorphs from the Classic Timeline.
  • All the Omni-Naut forms except Ben currently revealed have a secondary Omnitrix symbol in a sideways design on their helmets, similar to the symbols seen on the Omni-Kix forms.
    • However, on the glass of Ben's helmet, the Omnitrix logo can be seen.
  • All Omni-Naut aliens leave glowing green trails while flying, similar to what happens whenever regular Jetray charges a neuroshock tail blast while flying.
  • An Omni-Naut version of Grey Matter would resemble a big mech space suit.[DR 4]
  • None of the Omni-Naut aliens appeared during Season 5 because the episodes were written at a different time.[DR 5]
  • It is unknown whether or not the Omni-Naut aliens cause quicker time-outs like the Omni-Kix aliens.
  • Excluding Fusions, this is the only transformation gimmick that Cannonbolt does not have access to.
  • With only 4 of the 10 active aliens being shown to utilise it, this is the only Reboot Transformation Gimmick that is not being in use for the entire active playlist.


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