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Omni-Naut Armor is a power up Space Armor that will be in Season 5 of Ben 10 It was unlocked by putting in a special key given by Phil Billings to Ben. It was first activated in Ben 10 Versus the Universe: The Movie.

Concept and Activation

Like the Omni-Kix enhancerments, the Omni-Naut enhancements use high tech armor that amplifies the aliens' abilities and allows survival in space for any species of alien. For aliens with the natural ability to survive in space it gives added protection.[DR 1] The armor activates automatically when the wielder of the Omnitrix ventures out into space.[DR 2]

Omni-Naut transformations


  • Space Armour Ben and Omni-Naut Heatblast's designs were first confirmed by the toys made.
  • All the Omni-Naut forms currently revealed have a sideways Omnitrix symbol design, similar to Omni-Kix, on their face armor.


Crew Statements

Duncan Rouleau

Introduced in Season 1 CannonboltDiamondheadFour ArmsGaxGrey MatterHeatblastOverflowStinkflyUpgradeWildvineXLR8
Introduced in Season 2 RathShock Rock
Introduced in Season 3 HumungousaurSlapback
Introduced in Season 4 Jetray
Introduced in Season 5 Way Big
Omni-Enhanced Aliens CannonboltDiamondheadFour ArmsGrey MatterHeatblastOverflowStinkflyWildvineXLR8
Omni-Kix Aliens CannonboltDiamondheadFour ArmsHeatblastHumungousaurJetrayRathShock RockSlapbackXLR8
Omni-Naut Aliens HeatblastJetrayHumungousaurShock Rock
Fusion Aliens Amalgam BenGrey ArmsXLRArmBlastDiamondHeat
Non-Canon Aliens Banana AlienHot Dog AlienMole-Stache
Non-Canon Fusion Aliens Omnitrix Glitch FusionRath ArmsShock Blast
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