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Omni-Kix Humungousaur is the Omnitrix's Omni-Kix version of Humungousaur.


Omni-Kix Humungousaur is essentially a robotic/armored version of Humungousaur. His face, lower jaw, torso, arms, and knees are covered in white and orange-brown plating, his neck is covered in grey and white plating, the inside of his mouth and shoulders are green, and the mace on the end of his tail is now cylindrical with grey spines running from his neck and back.

Omni-Kix Humungousaur's Omnitrix symbol is located on his chest.

Powers and Abilities

Omni-Kix Humungousaur shares the same abilities as his default form, namely his spiked mace tail and enhanced strength.

Omni-Kix Humungousaur is more durable thanks to his Omni-Kix armor, as he felt less pain from Bashmouth biting his tail.[1]

Omni-Kix Humungousaur gains an armoured tail with bashing power and armoured feet with crushing strength.

Omni-Kix Humungousaur can absorb energy through his armor's spines after an impact. As this happens, the spines start glowing from the tail to his head while the amount of absorbed energy increases. Once he has gathered enough energy, he can fire green energy blasts from his mouth.[1]

If Omni-Kix Humungousaur were to grow, his armor would grow with him.[DR 1]


Omni-Kix Humungousaur shares the same weaknesses as his default form namely his large size making him slow, an easy target, and can't fit in tight spaces.

Omni-Kix Humungousaur can't use his sonic attacks on soft surfaces such as mud.

There is a limit to Omni-Kix Humungousaur's durability, as he can feel Sunny's lasers.[2]

Omni-Kix Humungousaur's strength can be used against him, as shown when Nanny Nightmare knocked his hand towards his face, making him facepalm himself very hard.[3]


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  • Omni-Kix Humungousaur's ability to fire green energy blasts from his mouth is a homage to Godzilla's atomic breath.


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